Often called as drug rehab or just rehab, drug rehabilitation is a medical process through which people recovering from drug and substance abuse are put to assist in their recovery journey. A typical rehab may involve a large number of patients. For one to be put into rehab they have to give up their drug first and the rehabilitation is just to facilitate the fight of the addiction which may creep back. Though most rehabs include group sessions, one on one session are recommended because they are highly effective and they address the needs of each person which may vary from one patient to another. Here is a list of more of what to expect in most rehabilitation centers.   Say no to drugsCredit:

Detox Programs
Though some rehabilitation centers recommend that patients fully get out of the addiction before they can concentrate on the road to recovery, there are those that have in-house detoxification sessions to assist those that have not fully withdrawn from the addiction. These are short-term sessions that normally take five to seven days.

This is a key component in the entire rehab process. Though it may vary from one facility to another, the ultimate role is to get the patient realistically look at their addiction as a problem that needs an urgent solution. Here, the patients are required to be honest about their problem and the willingness and attitude to get away from it. In some cases, addicts tend to keep holding on to some information about their addiction. This hinders the recovery process. Ideally, what one learns here is the dynamics of the addiction, its long term effects and the consequences if one continues with the habits.

Most recovered drug addicts have confessed finding themselves in unfamiliar environments during their recovery process. Residential rehab facilities vary from one to the other.  Like in many situations in life, one only gets what they pay for. The facilities range from camp-type settings to the most luxurious settings. The type of the physical facilities, however, has proven to have very little to do with getting you back to your normal life.

Advice and Group Therapy
You may either receive individual counseling or attend daily group therapies with a trained addictions counselor during your rehab. These sessions are aimed at training you on the easiest path to follow in leading a drug-free life. Through such sessions, you will find out how to avoid situations that are most likely to get you back to using drugs. New coping skills are also taught here alongside the need to seek assistance from others facing similar problems and challenges as you.

There are many good programs in the United States to help with drug and alcohol addictions.  Most rehabilitation centers will utilize some type of support group format.  The most popular is the Alcohol Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  These groups may have professional drug and alcohol counselors in the meetings but they are ran by the members of the group.  Some people may take leadership roles and all are expected to participate. 

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As stated earlier, some drugs and alcohol professionals may participate in the AA and NA meetings because they are themselves recovering alcoholics or addicts.  These people have dedicated their lives to helping others come to sobriety and enjoying taking back control of their lives.  One of these former meth addicts is Josh Palmer.  He recently became known nationally after becoming involved with an anti-meth campaign through the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Josh was getting high and drank alcohol from the age of 13.  At age 17, he started using meth and cooking it as well. 

Palmer, now 35, said it was at that point that he knew he had to do something to get his life back on track.  "When I realized that I was homeless, my mother had already died, my wife had left me, and my kids were gone, I just kind of gave up," Palmer said. "I said, 'There has got to be a better life out there.' I'm searching for it today. It is a lot better today." Today, Josh is a drug and alcohol counselor at the Stapleton Center in Hayti, Missouri and I am proud to call him my brother-in-law. 

If you need help with your drug or alcohol addiction, do not wait.  Get help today.  This should be the most important thing you can do right now.  Your family and your future self will love you for it. 

Family Meetings/Therapy
According to research, many of the success drug programs incorporate one or two family members of their patients. This helps in improving the results. While some centers include family members at only certain stages, other include them up to those follow-up stages and assessments to ensure that that the patients do not go back to the drugs. During such family meetings, family members learn your strengths and weaknesses in coping with drug and substance abuse and where they need to support you in the drug rehabilitation process. You also get to discuss how the addiction not only affects you but also them and how your recovery is important to them as well.
Conversely, there are those center that recommend Al-Anon meetings. These are meetings that family and friends get to visit you at the centers to learn how they have been contributing to your problem in one way or the other. This helps them to help you withdraw from the problem by changing their reaction and actions towards the problem.

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There is a likelihood of the whole process being an exercise in futility if there is not an aftercare program. Typically, this is a 28-day (or sometimes longer) period where you are put in a drug-free structured environment and observed. Your reaction when you get out of this secluded environment determines the success of the entire process. Successful facilities consist of a strong aftercare program that is designed to meet each and every one's needs in the drug rehabilitation process. You counselor will then decide the next course of action based on where they will place you on the recovery journey. Get yourself off the drugs and the addictions and lead that Level 10 Life.  Make today and everyday a great day.