Are you thinking what to get your boyfriend for Valentine's Day? As you know, there's no accounting for tastes, but me, being a man, I hope to help you out with this.

Valentine's Day is not Christmas. People get in the frenzy shopping mood every end of the year, but this time quantity is not important. In fact, buying more than one present will dilute your love towards him so to speak. You have to come out with something that tells your boyfriend that you love him, something special.

Sometimes, it isn't even necessary to buy something.

A romantic dinner

You know, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. For me, it's true. We are such a predictable and basic (but lovely) creatures sometimes that I almost feel shame about that. Think about it. Some wine, his favourite dish, some candles, music and a good talk are perfect to step into the hot zone later. Maybe you could prepare something aphrodisiac. Or if cooking is not your cup of tea, just book for a restaurant in which you can have a nice time. But beware, assure yourself that he can get food that he really likes. Then, you can give him your present in the dinner or just...

A hot gift

Buy some sexy lingerie, go to the hairdresser's that afternoon, learn some massage techniques, and pick your music for the occasion. Really, the thing is making him feel special. Nothing more.

And if you think we can never tell if you went to the hairdresser's, well, it's true. But we can see that you are prettier or sexier than normal, even if we don't know why!

Take him to a special event

Buy tickets for a concert, a football match, a play, a show, or a special movie he is dying to see. And go with him of course! You can give the ticket to him while having a romantic dinner.

Let's get material

Forget, ties, shoes, socks, pens, office-related gifts, watches... It's boring! Even worse, don't buy him clothes. If you don't believe me, go ahead. But don't complain if he ends up seeing you as his mama.

If he likes to read, buy him a Kindle! You can even pick special Kindle covers. If he is a into comics, I'm sure he'll love any of Allan Moore's comics (Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell...). If he likes music, you can buy him a subscription to Spotify and share a playlist with special songs that make him think of you everytime he connects to the service from his phone or computer. 

And remember when thinking what to get your boyfriend that we are very basic, we like to feel loved. We are romantic in a very different way. Men love to share a romantic time with their girlfriends, without excesses nor bells and whistles. Just your company, your attention, and a good talk.