Valentine's Day is one more Hallmark holiday dictating exchange of gifts. While some time ago, the pressure of what to get for the significant person of their life on Valentine's Day was only for men. But now women have the equal prospect to agonize and worry, all thanks to liberty of women and equal opportunity. Now, women too are confronted with the challenging question of "What to get my guy for Valentine's Day?"

Thinking of the typical gifts like a love note, a card, cologne (man perfume), etc. is acceptable in relationships that have just begun, but for those with long relationships, men expect more than just the same old things. For those with some great relationships, here are some classic, yet non-traditional ideas to celebrate this Valentine's Day with your man in a special way.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys

You can think of a hotel or a motel room and it does not need to be a fancy one. As a matter of fact, if the budget is a constraint, a lower price room can be chosen and a fun scenario playing up the angle can be created. For Example, send him a message asking him to meet one of his clients and mention the hotel name and room number. This can be a great surprise for him.

Another amazing way of planning for it would be floral bouquets but they have become the craze of old days. They are not considered the best item for your guy especially at his workplace so why not think of a chocolate bouquet or a snack basket delivered to his workplace? He will be surely a point of envy among his colleagues. These are available with almost any florist.

Romantic toys made just for couples like board games can be great fun and a reason to get intimate too. So just play and enjoy the evening. You can also plan for a mushy island trip. Last minute blow will really shock him. Choose for a destination, he has cited before.

These are only some suggestions to move your ideas in the direction of surprise. Men are no different from women. They like to be loved, valued and appreciated. Valentine's Day is not just strictly purchasing or plainly "from the heart." Go ahead know "what to get my guy for Valentine's Day" or "what do men want," plan, spend cash and think about the numerous ways by which you can stay together.

Valentine's Day on a Budget

If you have a budget, try to shop around. There are many websites offering discounts on these items.