Father's Day

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June is Father’s Day month. It is always celebrated during on the third Sunday of June. On this day, we always make it a point show our fathers that we appreciate them for being there and treat them the way we treat our mothers on Mother's Day. Much as we want to give this special man in our lives the most expensive gift, there are times that we really can’t afford to do so.  We can always say "I love you," to our fathers, but sometimes men are so basic that just a simple show of appreciation can get them teary-eyed. So here are some suggestions to give our fathers on a special occasion without spending too much.

Make Him a Card

During our grade school days, we were encouraged to make and give cards to our loved ones during special occasions. Gather the kids and let everyone make Dad a special card stating how much they love him and proud of him as their father. The smaller kids can use Mommy’s lipstick and make kiss marks on the card to make it doubly special. You can also insert a photo of Dad inside the card.

Download and Play His Favorite Songs

Since almost all of us are now familiar with the internet, you can download his favorite songs especially those that are from his childhood and play it all day for him. Let his mind travel back to memory lane while lying on his bed or in the sofa. Or you can ask the kids to sing and dance in front of him.

Special Gift Certificates Especially Made For Him

Using bond papers or colored papers, you can make a series of gift certificates with his picture as the background for free massage when he gets tired, a cup of coffee made especially for him, a trip to the barber for his haircut, free kisses and hugs when he’s a bit down, mowing or tending his garden with you as his companion, and many other things that you know will make him feel extra special.

Cook Him Some Food

Now this one could cost you some money, depending on what Daddy loves to eat. But often times, it’s what the thought that counts that he was always ready to appreciate what you cook. Never mind if it doesn’t taste that good, or maybe it was not really what he likes. But the thought that you cooked it especially for him would surely warm his heart.

How About Letting Him Have the TV all for Himself

Now this one is really an awesome treat for him. Always fathers let their kids watch TV even if they also want to watch a basketball or a football game. To make his day special, you can gift-wrapped the remote control and give it to him as soon as he wakes up. Let him decide whatever he wants to watch, let him have the TV all for himself for this special day.

Give Him Some Second Hand Books

Almost all fathers love to read, even if it just the morning newspaper. So why not buy him some second-hand books from authors he loves with topics close to his heart, like sports for example or books about carpentry, automobiles or gardening. I’m sure he will appreciate this very much.