It can be intimidating finding the ideal gift for your special lady, grandmother or daughter on the upcoming special occasions. To help you to reduce some of the strain involved, below is a general list of ideas for most of the more time-tested best gifts for a woman.

• Jewelry – It's hard to deny the power of something shimmery. Jewelry can be both eye-catching and fitting for any woman. Jewelry is created to also cover an array of wallet sizes and for an added special touch almost all offerings can also be personalized.

• Pamper sessions – as a gift idea for a woman, a visit to a spa scores quite highly among many women. These sessions can entail a full spa treatment or even singular indulgences such as mudbaths, steam baths and manicures.

• Shoes – a lot of women enjoy shoes, however, if you want to shop for a pair of shoes for a woman be sure to write down what size she buys and what her favorite style is. If for some reason you don't want to take a chance or are uncertain of these aspects, then a joint visit to her choice of shoe shop will usually be appreciated.

• Handbags – women like accessories. Some slight detective work can generally help in determining the best kind of handbag for the most important woman in your universe. For example, ask her or her friends what style of handbag she would like as there are several types. These types range from the handy everyday handbag to the evening handbags all of which are offered in many designs.

• Perfume – is often a more versatile gift idea for a woman, because you aren't obligated to purchase a scent she already has. You can be adventurous in your choice. If you already have an inkling what her favorite scent is, then this will also be a welcome present.

• Lingerie – is a more private and sensual gift for your loved one, however, be sure that you know what size she wears as there would be nothing more embarrassing for you both if you get something which is the wrong size. If you are considering buying lingerie, what type of lingerie you choose to get again hinges on personal preference, especially for 'sexy' undies.

• Flowers – are generally a good failsafe if you are totally without a clue about the present you may want to purchase. You can have the delivery scheduled for the occasion. And always remember that flowers allow for any budget, even the tighter ones .

• Chocolates – the stores offer myriad types of chocolates. Unless you are sure that the woman you are getting chocolates for does not like them, they often are the most popular present. They are versatile and you can have them delivered, if you are unable to give them face-to-face, and for that special touch search online for vendors that design personalized chocolates.

There are many options when you're planning on a gift for the women in your life. This short list offers only a small selection of examples of the best gifts for a woman.