Wearing a tennis elbow strap helps in relieving your pain or the inflammation in your elbow joint while you are in a certain activity. It is advisable, though, that you refrain from doing activities, which may aggravate your condition to prevent a chronic injury. Tennis elbow is an injury that involves the tendons in the outer part of the elbow. Overexertion, too much muscle stress, repetition of movements, and the use of defective equipment are the possible reasons that create small tears in the tendons of your elbow.

The tendons have the ability to heal but as you continue to repeat the same mistakes, it makes the tendons weaker and weaker until such time that it will stop healing. This will result to an inflammation or degradation that allows pain to bother you in the outer part of the elbow which usually radiates down the forearm, when you try to flex or straighten your arm, and when you try to grasp, grip, lift or twist something. You can relieve the pain by taking complete rest, applying cold on the injured part and elevating the arm to promote an even blood flow.

When your activities demand a lot from you or when there is a need for you to go on with your activity, you can protect your arm by wearing a tennis elbow strap. You have to keep in mind that the clasp will not protect you completely against further injury so there is still a need for you to be cautious and to undergo a treatment that ensures a long-term solution for your tennis elbow. It is a short term measure to aid you while recuperating and to protect you against injury. You can use this to protect your elbow from the occurrence of an injury if you're activities are likely to cause the symptoms of tennis elbow. However, there are plenty of tennis elbow straps available in the market today.

The wide selection of products provides various features with an aim of relieving you're the symptoms. How will you be able to determine which one is suitable for you? How will you be able to choose the one that will provide your needs for a strap? Let's take a closer look at three of the best-selling products in the market that may be helpful to you.

The tennis elbow strap product by McDavid is primarily designed to protect you against tendonitis, bursitis, sprains and strains. Tendonitis includes tennis elbow and golfers elbow. It has an adjustable thermal neoprene that wraps around your arm to suit any size. Its design is made to fit a universal size. The material includes a Velcro cinch strap that will guarantee a perfect fit without restricting proper blood circulation. Most importantly, it applies pressure on the affected tendons to help relieve the pain.

Another tennis elbow strap that may suit you is from Hely-Weber tennis elbow strap with pressure pad. It has an additional padding that is compacted within a unique variable tension strap that provides relief for elbow pain. It has standard sizes ranging from extra large to extra small with corresponding forearm measurement. The only available color for this product is black.

The last tennis elbow product that's featured here is from Aircast. The product is particularly called Aircast Pneumatic Armband tennis elbow strap. The endorsements of this product include laboratory tests showing that the pressure under the air cell is about fifty percent more than the average under the rest of the strap's circumference. Its size comes from a versatile manner with an inelastic band with foam lining.

As you can see, there are a lot of different tennis elbow straps and maybe having that many options to choose from will only confuse you, making it harder to find a tennis elbow strap that will help your particular case. What you do need to understand though is that an elbow strap can only do so much and while it may be a good option to temporarily release your tennis elbow pain, it probably is not the long lasting solution to your problem.

A tennis elbow strap is nothing more than a support system to relieve your pain and let your muscles rest by taking off the stresses we put on our elbow muscle every day. The moment you take off your tennis elbow strap though it is very well possible that your pain will return. You might be in luck and never have to wear a strap again if your tennis elbow condition was just a one off accident. Most tennis elbow sufferers though will find that their condition keeps returning over time.

This is very easily explainable if you understand the underlying cause. Tennis elbow straps are great for short term relieve and I am sure you will be grateful when the pain goes away while wearing a strap. You need to realize though that you are not changing anything in your muscle structure and as soon as the strap goes off, your pain most likely will return. The best thing you can do in this case is trying to improve your muscle structure by doing different stretching and strengthening exercises.

These are specific exercises that will ensure leaner and stronger muscles in your lower arm; better capable to deal with the daily stresses we put on our arms.

So no matter how good a tennis elbow strap is and no matter all the hype, the best thing you can probably do for yourself is to ensure proper training even while wearing the strap. This can be done with the help of a physical therapist but there are also well designed exercises programs available with easy to follow instructions and exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Your family physician will be able to tell you more about these different options to get rid of your <a href="http://www.squidoo.com/tennis-elbow-pain">tennis elbow pain</a> and he will also be the one recommending the temporary use of tennis elbow straps or pain medication.