A wedding ring is quite arguably the most important item of jewelry a person can own. A wedding ring reflects your personality, is a symbol of your relationship status and your commitment to your spouse, and of course, celebrates your special day and reminds you of it every time you look at it. Because a wedding ring is so meaningful, it must be selected with care. So before you head off to the nearest Zales, there are some things you should consider.

1.15 Carat GIA Certified Cushion Cut  Shape Gorgeous Halo Style Diamond Engagement RingMany couples these days are getting complementary rings, as opposed to matching ones. This means that while the rings look similar, each ring is nevertheless tailored to suit the individual person.

Wedding bands for women, for example, may sometimes have more elaborate features than their partner’s ring. So don’t become anxious if you find out your fiancée is looking for something different in a ring, such as color or a type of metal. Go for wedding rings that reflect each of your tastes and senses of style. However, some aspect (and this can be as simple as an inscription or a small design element) should match to keep them looking like a set. When these individual rings are truly complementary, they should appear as two separate yet similar personalities joining together.

Kobelli .5 Cttw Round and Pear Shape Diamond Engagement RingOne of the most important things to think about is the color of the wedding band. Wedding bands for women and men today come in gold, platinum, silver and also titanium— or even a combination of metals. All of these metals have their own original color, but they can usually be manufactured in other colors as well. Most wedding rings are still made from gold, and white gold wedding bands for women are particularly typically seen at the forefront of display cases in jeweler’s stores. As mentioned, however, there are plenty of other options— especially in modern times where having a traditional color and style isn’t really important. For example, platinum wedding bands for women are also very popular.

Another trend that has been increasing in the past several years is having a ring made from titanium. Titanium wedding bands for women and men are considered to be virtually indestructible. They will not bend out of shape if hit with anything hard, nor do they need to be taken in for regular maintenance. If on a rare occasion they ever do need to be polished, this can easily be done at home with a small dab of hand sanitizer and a Scotch-Brite pad. Titanium is also very low in density, and therefore is surprisingly lightweight in spite of its strength. When it comes to tailoring titanium wedding rings for women, the metal can have diamonds set into it just like other metals. Be aware, however, that titanium cannot be resized, nor can it ever be as shiny as other metals. Additionally, some jewelers have been known to warn customers against purchasing titanium rings because if a titanium ring becomes stuck on somebody’s finger, in, say, a car accident, the supposed only way to remove is by either breaking or cutting the person’s finger. Nevertheless, the truth is that there are tools that can be used to cut the type of titanium used in wedding rings, although they will usually destroy the ring (but not the finger!) in the process.

Knowing which kind of metal suits which kind of diamond is also very useful knowledge. Diamond wedding bands for women are, and have been, very popular, but not every diamond can go with every band color. Diamonds with colors are not going to reflect well with every band color. Be sure to look at plenty of examples of diamond wedding bands for women to determine which colors are best for you and your tastes.

If you do not see anything you like in stores or online, consider getting rings that are custom made. These are rings specifically designed for you, and you can rest assured that nobody else will have them. For example, truly unique wedding bands for women are often those that are custom made to suit her personal color and style preferences. If you can’t choose between two different metals, for instance, custom made rings can have both metals worked into one ring in a variety of combinations. Be sure to talk with a designer of wedding bands for women (and men) if you are looking for something custom made. Custom rings cost more, but many agree that they are worth it.

As you prepare to embark on your search for the perfect wedding bands, keep in mind that the earlier you start, the better. This is especially true when it comes to wedding bands for women, as diamonds and any elaborate features will take extra time. Start Googling “wedding bands for women Jared” for an idea of what you want, or head to the nearest, trusted jewelry store. Try your best to allow for at least two full months to browse, research, and price your wedding rings. And remember, allow for even more time if you want anything custom-made. Just having rings inscribed can take up to one extra month.

If you're really unsure of what kind of wedding band is best for you, take a look at your current jewelry collection— particularly the items you wear most often and those for special occasions. Your wedding ring should be complementary to whichever piece of jewelry you wear, although if done right, it’ll look like the rest of your jewelry is complementing your wedding ring.

Always keep in mind that while wedding bands for women and men are certainly important, they are not what makes or breaks a marriage, least of all a wedding. If you and your partner do not have the finances to purchase the kind of wedding rings you want now, consider getting ones that can be upgraded in the future. For example, plain white gold now can have diamonds set into them in several years, say, on your fifth or tenth anniversary.