Do you know what to look for before buying an apartment? Having your own place is something we all dream of as young people and owning an apartment is a big responsibility whether it’s your first rental or your tenth. There are usually many apartments for sale but it’s often tough to find the best one that’s right for you. If you live in the city you can sometimes even find a furnished suite complete with all you need but these are usually quite expensive. In this article we’ll discuss what to look for in an apartment that you want to rent.

The Apartment Rental Price

The first thing you need to know is how much the rental will be and if you require a security deposit before renting. Most places will require a security deposit and you may need to pay the first month’s rent in full right away but this can vary from place to place so be sure you know this before proceeding. Some apartments for sale may offer your utilities such as cable, water, and heat as a part of the rental while other will require you to pay for these expenses yourself.  Once you know how much the space is going to cost you can check other apartments for sale against the one you’re currently looking at and make the best judgement. Other things to ask are the pet policies and the pet damage deposit. Most units don’t allow larger pets but some might allow a small cat, dog, or other animal. You’ll want a copy of the land lord lease so you get everything in writing and you’ll know exactly where you stand. You might want to go to your local insurance office and get some apartment insurance for your belongings in case of theft.  Make sure you keep these documents in a safe location at all times.

Checking the Rental Unit

Before deciding on a place to live you should look over the apartment for some key factors. Most people will want access to the Internet so make sure the cable and phone lines are in locations that works for you and that the apartment can get wireless service. Check the kitchen and make sure it’s clean so you know that the apartment staff actually care about the units and look after them. You don’t want to move into a neglected building because if something breaks in your suite it might take a long time before it’s every looked at properly. It’s also nice to have extras like a dishwasher but many suites might not have these.

Check the bathroom to make sure it has an adequate tub, sink, shower and cupboard space. Turn on the lights and make sure you’ll have enough lighting the bathroom. Look for signs of drips or water marks anywhere in the bathroom which could indicate a poor building. Make sure the balcony has a good sliding door. Think of how your furniture would fit into the apartment and if you’ll have enough room. The worst thing is to buy something too small that can’t accommodate your belongings. Ask about the square feet in the apartment because an empty apartment can look bigger than it actually is once you get furniture into it.

The Building and Surrounding Area

Before you rent you should scout out the area for any problems such as crime. You could ask if the apartment complex has been subject to any break-ins recently. Some areas can be plagued with crime while others are not. A bottom floor makes is more likely that you’ll be broken into since this is easier for thieves.  The location of services will be important if you don’t drive so you should located the essentials like a  bank, shopping center, hospital, post office, restaurants, and other buildings.  If you’re not very mobile this can make your life easier. Ask about the location of public transit and how far you need to go each morning to catch it. 

Living in an area where everything is relatively handy can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Make note of store that are open 24 hours for those emergencies that arise. If you have children you’ll need to know how far It is to get them to school and what the school is like. If you drive you’ll want to know how parking is handled in the apartment and if you’re assigned a special spot or not. Some units will have underground parking facilities that require special access. You should ask about the noise in the area. For example you don’t want to live next to a train track or have a fire hall right next door to you. Living near an airport can make for noisy days as well. 

Other Things to Ask

You might want to ask the average age of the apartment residents. If you’re older you might not want to live in a building that is full of young people.  This can raise the noise levels especially on the weekends. People above or below you can cause noise that makes living in your apartment annoying. If you have to constantly complain to the landlord this just leads to headaches for you.  The more questions and concerns you raise the easier it will be for you to enjoy your new home. It’s up to you to purchase the best place that will meet your needs so don’t be afraid to raise questions that matter to you with the landlord, no matter how trivial they may seems the question is still important because it’s your money that’s at stake. There’s nothing worse than not being satisfied with the place you live in.

You Can Find a Great Apartment For Sale

Take these things into consideration so you know what to look for before renting an apartment. Look over the suite and take note of its condition. Ask the landlord about payments and how they work. Check the surrounding area and see if it will be a fit for your needs and above all don’t be afraid to ask as many questions about the unit as possible.  Take all of this into consideration and you’ll find a great apartment that suits your needs.