Choosing the best spyware remover to detect and kill spyware and adware on your computer is much easier if you consider some things before you download or buy a spyware remover.

Who's Spying On You?

Ideally, a spyware removal program should give you total protection from adware, spyware, key loggers, browser hijacks, and remote access trojans. These are the most common forms of malware that can infect your computer - compromising your security and reducing your computer's performance.

The malware remover should also offer free automatic updates. If you have to remember to update the software, chances are it won't get done. You will forget to update and scan. It can happens to the best of us.

How good is the manufacturer's technical support? What if you have a problem that you can't fix on your own? You would be out of luck if the manufacturer can't (or won't) help you out. So make sure you research the company. What do other people say about it? How about their customer service? If you have problems with your order, you need to be able to contact an actual person and get the problem fixed.

Spyware is easily a major threat to internet security. Roughly nine out of ten computers are infected with malware. The scary thing is most people are clueless about it. It often goes undetected except by programs designed for malware removal. It's designed to run quietly in the background - stealing your precious information and compromising your privacy.

If you fail to remove spyware from your computer, it may eventually stop working due to clutter accumulated by these tiny spies.

So be certain you have an anti-malware software package that works for you.