The conference room table is one of the most important furniture inside any office. Any workplace with a conference room will certainly be benefited by a well-chosen and suitably designed and equipped conference or boardroom table furniture. However, since not all such tables are created equal, the quest to find that suitable conference table will certainly not be a simple task. In most cases, the task of choosing any office furniture should be left to a professional office interior designer or an architect.

But in a scenario where such a task is left to a someone who’s not formally schooled in the art of office interior decorating and designing, it is still possible to come up with a good buying decision if you do it in a systematic way and carefully consider a few variables that are deemed important in the process of choosing the right table furniture for a conference room, meeting room or boardroom.

conference room table

A.    Table size – the table size will, of course, be dictated by how big or small the room it is going to be placed in. It is important to make sure that you don’t overcrowd your conference room with an oversized table. Make sure that there is adequate floor space around the table left for people to walk around. If you are worried about not being able to accommodate meeting or conference participants, you could simply get a modular table that can transform into a bigger or smaller table depending on the users’ needs.

B.    Table shape – there are many different shapes that you can choose from when it comes to conference and boardroom tables but some of the most common ones are the boat-shape and racetrack-shape designs which are suitable for most rectangular-shaped rooms. They are available in different sizes that should suit any room size. Of course basic table shapes like the circular or rectangular tables are also available and should be considered depending on the need and the design and style preference of the buyer. Circular tables are perfect for small conference or meeting rooms that are used by tight-knit groups or teams in a company.

Of course, the shapes doesn’t end with the ones mentioned above because there are hundreds of other unique shapes being used by table manufacturers out there like octagonal, elliptical tables, etc.

C.    Connectivity provisions – one of the most important features deemed a necessity in most modern offices is the provision for connectivity ports like data ports, telephone ports and electrical outlets. They are important because they make it more convenient for users to bring their computing devices, laptops, PDAs, etc., and hook it up easily using the data ports that are built into the conference tables. Furthermore, having a power outlet built into the table will also help make it more convenient for users to use their electronic gadgetry.

To summarize, in choosing the perfect conference room table furniture for your office, it is important to assess the right shape and size that will suit the room. It is also good to look for data ports and other provisions that will make life easier for users which would hopefully lead to improved workplace productivity. There are other things that you should look at but these three are the basic considerations that can help you find that perfect conference and boardroom table furniture for your office.