Whether you camp, hunt or fish, chances are that you will need the right knife. Survival knives are a must have for the seasoned outdoorsman or the average Joe that just likes to venture into the wilderness from time to time. While there are many of these products that may be available, one should choose wisely. Often, there are significant variances among these products and some may not be as high quality as others. In addition to this, one can also spend a pretty penny for an overpriced piece of junk if he is not careful.

One important consideration when shopping for such items is the type of knife blade. These can differ significantly, not only in terms of length but in the materials in which they are made of. One of the most common and popular of these items is the stainless steel blades. They tend to be quite durable and are less susceptible to chips or breaking. However, one should ensure that it is adequately protected from rust. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of such a product. Although many are "rust proof", over time corrosion may still occur. If you take the time to dry the blade and care for it properly though, this may be somewhat preventSurvival Knifeable. Other considerations may include whether the knife has an open blade or closure and the type of handle.

Another thing to consider is if you will be buying a fixed blade or a folding blade knife. If you prefer convenience over effectiveness, a folding blade is for you. They aren't as strong as their fixed blade cousins, but most of them can easily fit into a pocket and carried around with you wherever you go. Fixed blade knives are perfect if you really want a trustworthy knife. I would highly recommend a fixed blade if you are going to be out in the middle of nowhere with no access to transportation because if you get lost, it's a case of life and death and you don't want your knife breaking on you when you need it most.

Fixed blades are strong because they have a tang, whereas folded blades do not. The tang is the portion of the blade that goes back into the handle. Since folding blades are designed to be folded back into the handle, it is impossible for them to have a tang and, as a result, are much weaker.

If going on an excursion, your outdoor adventures guide may be able to recommend various types of survival knives. However, in the end it is the consumer that will pay for and utilize this item. Take the time to check out different types, see how they feel and then decide if this is something that you may want to purchase. Prices will often vary but you should also keep in mind that a quality product will not be dirt cheap.