Shopping for maternity outfits is one of the most difficult fashion endeavors a woman can go through. When you're pregnant, your body is changing constantly and pulling off the right look is a challenge when you have that extra baby bump. The following maternity fashion tips, however, will help you know what to look for next time you go shopping for maternity clothes.

Empire Waist Dresses
Look for anything that has an empire waist. Empire waist dresses have a seam just above the belly and below the breasts, which helps give your body shape, rather than hiding it under a boring maternity drape.

Bold Jewelry
Much of maternity fashion consists of plain color dresses, and because a lot of attention will already be on your belly when you go out to your next cocktail party, your pregnancy months are the perfect time to wear bold jewelry pieces. Large sparkling gems and long earring work well to accentuate plain maternity dresses.

Load up on Tees
Maternity t-shirts are one of the most versatile fashion items you can get. They're good for a casual stroll, lounging at home, and even for going out if you combine them with a stylish jacket or vest. Look for stretchy material that will adjust to your shape as it changes during your 9 months.

Show Some Skin
For parties and black-tie events, don't be afraid to show off that extra bustyness that's one of the few perks of being pregnant. As mentioned before, a lot of attention will already be on your swollen belly, so go ahead buy a few low-cut maternity jeans or dresses, and accent them with an eye-catching necklace.

Maternity Bras
A lot of maternity bras are naturally clunky, because they need to provide that extra-needed support. But if you look around for special maternity underwear brands like Nearly Nude, you'll find special strapless maternity bras that let you continue wearing those strapless dresses you like while still giving you the proper comfort and support.

Floral Dresses
Floral dresses, especially ones with flaring skirts, are perfect for pregnancy. Colorful designs make your baby bump look flattering, and thin-strap or strapless floral dresses especially look great, as they call attention to the top of your body to thus balance out the swollen belly.