French country kitchen furniture can coordinate with your cabinetry. You can makeover the pieces that you already have to fit in with any theme. The one thing about this style of furniture is that it does rely heavily on paint. This makes it very cost effective. At the same time, it does give a little bit more lightness to a room filled with tile as well as cabinetry. Wood tones can seem a little bit dark. Kitchens usually have a lot of wood tones going on in them so just bringing in a few painted pieces really helps to break things up. This is also a chance to create an eating area and bring in a little bit of elegance.

The lines of the piece are important. Whatever you choose determines whether you get elegant or casual looks. For instance if you had very ornate furniture with a lot of carvings then you want to make it a little bit more casual with a painted finish such as a cream color with glaze. This can also work well with your cabinetry. This is important in smaller spaces because then you aren't going to interrupt the flow. It's also a way to update all of your wood tones if you have a lot of oak furniture that is feeling a little bit heavy. You can just re-paint and glaze all of your cabinetry and furniture for a totally fresh new look that will require a lot of work but doesn't cost a lot of money.

This can also be a solution if you kind of had a modern or contemporary space that feels a little bit cold. Just bringing in a few of these accessories and a new table and chairs is really going to change the entire look. However it still should have a place in the overall design style just by going with a dark color.

This could even be black, which is a great way to update your existing pieces. This can coordinate with your other appliances or even your cabinetry because black cupboards are very popular right now. Then you can just bring in an elegant black and white toile. Instead of going with the usual cheesy kind of ceramic just go with oversized urns or canisters in a white finish. A black and white kitchen can coordinate with all of the other rooms in your home and it really works well with all of the different tile and flooring that you may have going on in your space. It's also great for an apartment where you can't do a lot of heavy renovations but you just want a softer or more feminine kind of look.

If you want more of an elegant look then go with darker wood tones. In this kind of style it should still have a glaze over them so it does have that distressed kind of look. It's really more of a medium wood tone with darker overtones instead of just a solid piece of wood. This makes it a lot more casual and family friendly looking.

A hutch area is also very essential for this kind of design style. This can also incorporate a desk if you need to bring in a home office or you just want a spot to pay your bills. This can have woodwork on it that can coordinate back with your table. As long as it's the same color it will work and the accessories are still going to match. The ironwork should have a lot of scrolls so it doesn't seem too modern or industrial.

You can have a lot of fun with very traditional kind of motifs. This could be something very simple such as a rooster. You can just find different ways to reinvent this kind of style. You could try decoupaging a country scene around the lip of the table. This will be very subtle especially if the rest of the furniture is very neutral. You can use a printer to change up the color palette of the photo to do something a lot more fun like a pink or yellow.

Color can also really come into play. This style can be very cheerful. Try venturing out from the basic cream kind of color palette. Instead go for a bright yellow or even a turquoise. This can add a lot of sunny vibes into your space. You could just paint your table a different color and then keep your chairs either in a neutral paint finish or a wood finish. You can also add in chair cushions in a coordinating fabric and palette so that it still does coordinate back with your freshly painted table.

French country kitchen furniture also gives you a lot of storage. For instance this goes beyond the table and chairs. You could bring in a hutch or even a corner shelving unit. This is a place to display ceramics as well as cookbooks. You can add in a lot more function to your room. It can even be in the form of an island. If you want to make sure that your space doesn't become too cluttered then just go with carts that still give you all of the space that you need without overwhelming the room.

You can also have a lot of fun with paint. In this case you really want to get the opulent look by going with a quality finish with a high end look. You will need to be very careful to get crisp lines and have a little bit of shading so that it does look unique. You could just try painting the traditional toile fabric pattern on your table top. You can really simplify this and really make it oversized so it's a lot easier paint. You could even just focus in on one leaf in unusual colors such as black or red. This could be a small border around the table or just cover your entire table top. Then you can reupholster your seat cushions so that the chairs really match. This can also coordinate with things like your napkins and your window treatments for a cohesive design style.