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Individuals who have issues with sensitive skin would benefit greatly from using sensitive skin products. Before you purchase a product that you believe will be ideal for your skin type, you should do adequate research to determine which the best is for you. In addition to having the right products, it is important to conduct a skin care regimen that is going to revitalize your skin, rather than harm it in any way.

There are numerous lotions, moisturizers, and cleansers on the market today for people with sensitive skin. It does not have to be a hassle to find them. Keep some key ingredients in mind when you go shopping, and you are sure to be successful at choosing better products.


Try out moisturizers that contain niacin, because it is calming on the skin. Niacin is another term for Vitamin B3. This super vitamin has been recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology for the benefits it provides in fighting photo aging or the aging of skin prematurely. Facial cleansers for sensitive skin that contains niacin is great for reversing the damaging effects of the sun. Also, they are great for helping your body to retain moisture, which is crucial for preventing irritation of the skin, as well as for removing dead skin cells. Fortunately, you now can find products with niacin from many of the brands on the market.

Cucumber Extract

This is an ingredient that you can find in numerous products, but you will have to do some shopping around. There is an entire line that has cucumber as a main ingredient. It is beneficial in creating a calming, cooling effect, which is great for skin that is already stressed from harsh environments. Cucumber soothes skin that is burning and stinging, meaning it can helpful for nearly immediate relief after using a product that irritates your skin.


You may have heard (or even used) the oatmeal remedy when you or your child had the chicken pox. Bathing is oatmeal is not the only way it can help your skin, however. It has been used since ancient Egyptian times for skin care, and the FDA has acknowledged that it is ideal for protecting skin.


Aloe has been recognized as an ingredient that soothes inflammation. This is why it has been used in sunburn creams and other remedies. This has become a favorite for many people in their skin care for sensitive skin regimens. Also, it keeps skin that is prone to negative reactions calm.

Green Tea

This is an ingredient that you may not see as often in products, but it is a common one used in natural skin care lines. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant which has been used for protection against aging, due to the fact that it helps combat free radicals. Fortunately, it rarely causes skin reactions, unlike other antioxidants.

Your best bet when it comes to facial cleansers, sensitive skin care, and other skin care products is to test them out in the store, if possible. If this is not an option, many stores will allow you to return them within a certain amount of time. The above ingredients are safe for many people with sensitive skin, though you still should be cautious until you know how your skin will react.