Hugger Ceiling FanIf you have a low ceiling, you'll need a hugger ceiling fan for your home. These are also called flushmount and low profile. Traditionally, fans hang from the ceiling. This design is usually superior for air-flow. But in many homes and apartments that have low ceilings this isn't practical. That's why hugger ceiling fans were developed

Traditional models typically hang 12 to 14 inches from the ceiling. The low profile ones, which are meant for rooms that are around eight feet tall, hang down anywhere from 6 to 10 inches. They come in many different brands and styles. There are just as many choices for color and finish as there are traditional ceiling fans.


Hugger ceiling fans come in a large price range. There are some models that cost under $50. But the majority of models cost between $50-$200. There are also several for sale that are priced at over $200. But what should you spend? Do the more expensive models work the best?

It's hard to answer these question. You should spend what your budget allows. In general, you want to avoid the cheapest models. That is because they won't do as good of a job at circulating air as the more expensive models. Since they are so close to the ceiling, design is more important for low profile models than for the traditional ones that hang down farther. The cheapest ones will typically have a cheap design that won't circulate much air. But you don't have to get an expensive model just to have one that works. The more expensive models are often the most stylish and will have a look that can add to the appeal of your home. As a guideline, be prepared to spend at least $100 if getting a good ceiling fan is important to you.

Hugger Ceiling Fan Brands

There are many brands to choose from. They each have their own designs and styles. You can find all of these brands at your local home hardware store or online at specialty stores or discount stores such as Amazon. One of the most popular brands, the Hampton Bay ceiling fans, are available only at Home Depot.

Emerson is a good brand if you are searching for a contemporary look. Their modern line ranges in price from $200-$300. They also have some that are under $200 that have a more traditional look. Minka-Aire matches Emerson in the contemporary look and has similar prices. Hunter fans tend to be a popular affordable choice. They also have some nicer models. If you are on a budget, Craftmade has a lot of hugger ceiling fans for under $100.

Color and Finish

In addition to choosing a brand, you need to make sure that the color and finish you choose will make your new hugger ceiling fan add to your home's appeal. White is one of the most common choices. Since most ceilings are white, this ensures that the fan will blend nicely within your home. An outdoor hugger ceiling fan looks good in chrome.

If you want to make it pop a little, consider brass. For a traditional look, go with bronze. If you want some elegant, pick out oil-rubbed bronze. Brushed nickle and pewter are also common choices. Most of these can come in an antique or contemporary look.

No matter what you decide, you'll be cooling your home without relying so heavily on air conditioning. You'll enjoy the light breeze that a hugger ceiling provides and you will be saving money on electricity.