Just imagine how relaxing it can be sitting outside in your peaceful garden with the sun streaming down and only the sounds of birds chirping in the distant trees being the only distraction. Now picture yourself sitting under a well constructed free standing pergola made from red cedar in the same garden setting. If you are one of the many people contemplating erecting a free standing pergola on your property then this is one of the best methods you can use in deciding where a pergola should be positioned. By working out the position of established trees and whether for example there will be too much shade or wind or not enough sun, you will be able to get some idea on whether your intended pergola will not only blend in with the surroundings but also give an indication whether it will get too much or too little sun or shade.

It can be difficult making up your mind on what would type or style of pergola would best suit your site. What you can do is make the time to research what the current pergola trends are and what style is most popular with other homeowners. Although personal choice will always win out in the end you will find that some homeowners simply build a pergola as an extension of a deck or porch area so the structure can blend in with the landscape and surrounding gardens.

Some people prefer the freestanding style pergola because it can look stunning painted in white amongst the lush greens and color of a tranquil garden setting. Because wood, particular cedar has traditionally been the timber of choice used to make pergola structures, the rich red color when coated with a natural resin based wood stain covered by the deep green color of a climber or foliage trained to grow up onto and over the overhead beams and rafters makes a pergola stand out as a focal point and integral part of the garden landscape.

Also, carry out further research on what pergola plans other homeowners are using to build a pergola by looking through trendy home renovation books, real estate magazines and home trend magazines to see if there is a picture of a stylish pergola that may have that special feature, style, color or characteristic that could help in your search for ideas. Alternatively, have a look at some of the many online sites to see what is available and whether there are any ideas you can find that will help you when the time comes to build your stylish pergola.