If you need to rely on an egg bank to get pregnant then there are a few things you should look for in an egg bank as a recipient.

Success Rate

Research out the success rate of each egg bank you are considering. Ask the egg bank what their success rate is. If they tell you a number that is close to 100% then find a new egg bank. Traditionally egg banks will have a success rate somewhere in the range of 35%-65%.

If an egg bank is telling you they guarantee the success of the egg donation that you will receive then they are lying. It is rare to find un-ethical egg banks in America but there are still a few cases that pop up occasionally. You need to use a legitamate egg bank.

Pregnancy (27615)Donor Wait Time

What is the wait time in order to receive a donated egg? Some companies are beginning to offer frozen eggs so there is no wait time. The great thing about frozen eggs is that the success rate can be just as high as more traditional egg donor programs.

Egg Bank Donor Information

If you will be utilizing an egg bank that uses frozen eggs then you should be offered a choice of donors. Reputable egg banks will allow you to peruse and research all of the donor stats so that you can select the donor you would like to use.

Screening of Egg Donors

Ask the Egg Bank what their policy is for egg donors. How do they screen their donors and what do they look for when applicants are applying to be an egg donor? DO they do psychological screening sin addition to the general health screenings?

Abnormal DNA traits can be passed on if egg donors are not properly and thoroughly screened.

Egg Bank Employees

When you go to meet with an egg bank to get more information how are you treated? Are they treating you friendly or are they being rude? Are they trying to get you to make an immediate decision and choose their company? If you feel pressure from the egg bank employees and feel they are only trying to "make a sale" then leave. Your success rate will be much higher if you are not stressed out by the employees of the egg bank.

You need to find an egg bank where you feel comfortable and the egg bank staff keeps you updated and informed at all times. A friendly egg bank staff can make or break the chances of you successfully getting pregnant.

Research Egg Banks

You need to thoroughly research and interview each egg bank on your list. Talk to people who have used the egg bank in the past and see what their opinions are of that particular egg bank. As long as you understand that the success rate is never 100% and you may have to go through the process again then you will be fine as long as you chose an egg bank that is ethical and honest.