Your Going on a Trip!

Woo Hoo! Now, let's get packed.

So you've decided to take a trip somewhere.
You've chosen your destination, and booked your flightsand maybe even some accommodation as well. Now, you just need to figure out what you need to bring with you to ensure that your trip is fun and stress free. You'll want to make a packing list that covers everything you're going to need for your travels.

The very first thing you should think about is length and type of trip which you are taking.
The things you bring for a 7 day trip to Mexico will be quite different from what you'd bring on a 3 month backpacking tour around Europe.

Next, You need to decide what type of luggage you should bring to put your stuff in.
If the vacation is shorter or you are going to be staying in only one or two different places then getting a suitcase (the kind with wheels) could be your best option. If you're going to be travelling around and exploring then getting a backpack is probably a better idea.

Next, you'll want to decide what (and how much) clothing to bring.
Research what the weather and temperature will be like in your destination and pack accordingly.
If you're taking a business trip you will have to remember your suit (or anything you wear for business). If there's the opportunity for swimming or hot tubbing then be sure to bring a bathing suit. On the subject of socks and underwear my general rule of thumb is to pack enough for 5-7  days of travel. This means that you won't constantly be doing laundry on the road but you also won't be carrying around way too much stuff.

Now, you'll be wanting to put together a packing list of any electronics or gadgets you'll be bringing along with you.
A camera to document your vacation is a great idea as are spare batteries for it.
I often travel with my laptop and can usually fit my camera and a few other gadgets in with my laptop bag.
If they're going into your backpack or suitcase, put them inside of a plastic ziploc bag first.
This will protect them from any unintentional water damage and you can use the ziploc bags later for storing dirty or wet clothing.

Finally, you will have to figure out which toiletries and personal stuff you want to pack.
Putting items like shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and toothpaste in travel sized containers is an efficient method to save space and make sure it is possible to keep your toiletries in a single bag. Make certain this bag can be closed to minimize spillages in the clothing.

So that's more or less it.

Now, there are several different ways to construct your packing list.
You could write it on an piece of paper or on a word document.
There's also a few packing list generators out there that do most of the work for you.

Happy Packing!