Do you have trouble knowing what to say or write in a thank you card? Thank you notes are one of the most treasured correspondences because you took the time to notice and respond to either a gesture or gift from another.

Be Open, Honest and Genuine

Expressing your true heartfelt thanks for a gift or gesture of another is without a doubt one of the kindest expressions of emotion we can make to another. After all we are noticing an appreciating that they have been kind, generous or empathetic to us. In return you should be the same. The tone of your note should be open, honest, and genuine. But, most importantly, your thanks must appear to be heartfelt.

Mention the Gift or Gesture

You should also include in your note a mention of what was given to you by the person you are writing to. It is always nice to let them know that you remember, at least long enough to write the note, what has been given.

Say How Their Gift Has Impacted Your Life

of the best thank you notes I ever received was from a bridal shower gift I gave to a friend many years ago. I got them an engraved salt and pepper grinder. The writer of the note told me how her little nephew had been at the house a few days before and asked why she had rocks to go on her meal. I got a very warm chuckle out of her note as she told me of the laugh they had all gotten at his comments. As a gift giver it is nice to know that your gift was appreciated, but to know how it had done more or had impacted their lives in some positive way made her note seem very warm and intimate. The notes you send will take on a certain amount of intimacy and warmth if you share such personal stories or comments as you write them.

Knowing what to say or write in a thank you note is note really all that difficult when you think about it. Go for warmth, honesty, openness, and then relate a story of how the person or their gift has affected you or changed your life. Wanting to be appreciated for our thoughtfulness is universal. A genuine and open note will touch upon that need in another. The converse is also true; having anxiety over what to say or being closed in your expression may lead another to wonder if they or their gift was truly appreciated, something you will definitely want to avoid.