Are you looking to start selling things on eBay, or are you currently a seller but looking to expand the kind of items you sell? Here is a list of five things that sell consistently well on eBay. I focus on items that you can typically find at garage sales, thrift stores, community rummage sales and moving sales.

Large Size Shoes

Shoes beyond the typical men’s and women’s size ranges are top seller. This would be women’s shoes that are above a size 10 and men’s shoes above a size 12. Many show manufacturers don’t make their shoes in these larger sizes, so people who wear these sizes are always looking for a great deal. You can find these larger size shoes at thrift stores, garage sales or estate sales. If you are buying at one of these locations to resell you should look for shoes that are in good condition that show minimal sole wear, have minimal scuffs or marking and are free of odor. Make sure you dust or polish them before taking photos for your listing.

Kids Coats

Let’s face it, kids grow like weeds and each season they are likely to need a new coat. Also, because they often don’t wear them for more than one season, there are many that can be picked up inexpensive that show minimal wear. Parents are looking for ways to keep their kids warm without dropping a wad of cash. If you look for these at garage sales, make sure you check that the zippers and buttons are all there (and functioning), and that there are no rips or tears. You can always run the jacket through the washer before you list it to remove any light dirt.

Women’s Swimwear

Women’s swimwear is expensive and many people look for extra suits on eBay. Plus size suits are particularly popular. Also, don’t limit your suit listing to just summer, as people need swimwear year round for vacations or water exercise classes. Look for suits that are in good condition with no rips or snags. Suits with a built in bra are popular, as are those that have slimming panels. Name brand suits like Speedo and Jantzen, which are geared towards the serious swimmer always sell well.

Vintage Holiday Décor

The vintage craze is still kicking and one area that you can make a profit is selling vintage holiday décor (e.g., Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day). This is an item where you may need to collect and store until it’s the right season, but this stuff can be picked up super cheap and listed for profit. Brands to look for include Hallmark and Ambassador.

Hot Brands

There are a few brands that always sell well, such as Anthropologie, J Crew, J. Jill, and Columbia to name a few. You can sometimes find these brands on the racks of thrift stores for a steal and turn them around for five or six times what you paid. Before purchasing, be sure to check the zippers work well, all buttons are there and that there are no rips, stains or tears in the fabric.

Good luck in your eBay sales efforts. Hopefully these tips will give you things to look out for while you are making the rounds on for items to sell on eBay.