Running outside is a great way to exercise and enjoy nature; don't let your clothing choice infringe on your running joy!

The article has different segments based on my suggestions for what to wear during different types of weather, from snow to scorching summer days. Everyone is different, so feel free to make changes or alterations to what you wear running. I prefer my body temperature a bit on the cooler side. I also want to state that this guide is more written with a male runner in mind, but a female runner can easily copy or replace articles of clothing.

Below Freezing (<33° F or <0° C)

The key for running in very cold temperatures below freezing is to wear several layers of clothing. My recommendation for the base layer is to wear some form of tight-fitting shirt and pants (think under armour). This will keep you from getting excessively sweaty as you get farther into your run.

Next layer is a long sleeve t-shirt. It's main purpose is to keep your under armour or spandex separate from the next layer. On top of those two layers will be your insulation. One option is an old sweatshirt with some sweatpants.

On top of it all, a windbreaker or light jacket. You are also going to want some windproof gloves. This will help battle the infamously cold winter winds that seem to leak through regular clothing. This completes your polar bear ensemble and you are ready to go hit the trails!

Barely Cold (34° F to 50° F)

Depending on what climate you live in this could be normal or still pretty cold. Once again, I highly recommend the wearing "smart" layers.

You will want to also have tight-fitting shirt and pants that keep moisture off your skin. From there I recommend a pair of shorts (completely optional) and the light jacket or wind breaker. It will be a little chilly to start but you will soon find yourself at a comfortable temperature. Based off your preference decide if you want to put on some gloves.

Beautiful (50° F to 75° F)

The perfect weather for running (as far as I'm concerned). I usually just put on some athletic shorts and a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt.

Heating Up (76° F to 89° F)

This is also nice weather but can get a little crispy late in the run. Wear shorter shorts and a moisture wicking t-shirt. You will be able to pick up a shirt from amazon or a local sporting goods store for less than $30. It is a life saver when it comes to running in heat.

Burning (>90° F)

You might want to consider using a treadmill in serious heat. At least make sure you are very well hydrated before you go out! But if you insist, I recommend just wearing shorts. You can put on the moisture wicking shirt if you prefer, it's your choice.

Wrapping Up

Oh, the climates you'll run in. As long as you keep a wardrobe of versatile clothing you will be alright in almost any weather.

Do you have any go-to articles of gear for running? Let me know with a comment below.