New Year's Eve is the glitziest holiday of the year! To really get into the spirit of New Year's, deck yourself out in your most sexy and stylish outfit.

Are you stuck for ideas? Here are some great choices that will help you make this New Year's Eve a fashion event to remember.

New Year's Eve Cocktail Dress

The cocktail dress is a classic favorite for New Year's Eve. There are so many dazzling options, you really can't go wrong! Black is always sophisticated and elegant, but it does run the risk of being a little - dare I say it? - boring. If you're choosing to wear a black cocktail dress for New Year's Eve, make it sizzle by strapping some rhinestone bracelets and anklets on, or wrap a oversized silver belt around your waist. Really think about the accessories because you don't want your black New Year's outfit to make you fade into the background.

Black also gives you the freedom to be a little more wild with your make-up: really accent your eyes and lips, and pull your hair back to reveal your neck and shoulders. Perhaps sprinkle dust your shoulders and cheekbones with glitter!

If you do want to stay away from black this New Year's Eve, a red cocktail dress is a gorgeous, festive choice. Pick a red that complements your skin tones: olive skin looks gorgeous with scarlet and violet-toned reds, while blonds will want to make sure the red doesn't make their hair look washed out. Try on a number of red cocktail dresses until you find the perfect one for your shape and complexion.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a cocktail dress for New Year's Eve is that your shoes can make or break an outfit. Strappy heels are always sexy, but are you going to be dancing for hours? Make sure you break your shoes in beforehand and choose a heel that doesn't leave you blistered and aching. If you want to skip the heels altogether, a pair of flat-heeled leather boots is just as sexy and makes your outfit that much more original.

Sexy Trousers for New Year's Eve

Why wear a dress or a skirt on New Year's Eve? Be more original and choose some gorgeous trousers that define the shape of your legs and set you apart from the crowd. Some of my favorites this year:

  • Flared, velvet trousers for a retro look. Pair with a low-cut top and dangly earrings.
  • Satin pants in a metallic color like gold, silver or bronze. Match your jewelry to the color of the pants.
  • Calf-hugging leggings under a shift dress, with strappy high heels.
  • Sequin hot pants. Try these with tights underneath, and a long-sleeved dark colored top.

Jeans: the Perfect Choice for New Years?

What if you're not going someplace too fancy for New Year's Eve? If you're just chilling with friends or maybe throwing a party at your own house, or if you're going to be hosting a New Year's Eve children's party, the cocktail dresses or sparkly pants may seem a bit over the top. Jeans are a girl's best friend and go with everything!

You can dress up your favorite pair of jeans with a sexy, lacy top. You can also pair jeans with high heels for a more sophisticated look. And then of course you can draw attention to your face with some pillow-box lipstick and a stylish up-do. You can wear jeans on New Year's Eve and still glam it up!

Accessories for New Year's Eve

What about accessories for your New Year's Eve outfit? Too often we plan an outfit around a particular item of clothing and forget to accessorize. But the shoes, handbag, belt etc can be the talking point of your New Year's Eve outfit.

Plus, if you don't feel like or can't afford to buy a whole new outfit for New Year's Eve this year, you can still spend a bit of money on some stylish but cheap accessories and feel like a star on New Year's Eve!

What accessories should you buy for New Year's Eve? Here are the four items you should definitely consider:

1. Handbag or Purse

A metallic clutch is a favorite choice for New Year's Eve. Something with rhinestones, sequins or satiny fabric...texture and sparkle is key here - you cannot go over the top when it comes to New Year's!

2. Belt

If you're wearing pants or trousers then a sexy belt for New Year's is a must. Choose something that accentuates your outfit. You can buy belts in leather, metal loops, fabric, even belts that look more like jewelry. Think about the effect you want to create. Sometimes you can find really fun belts in thrift stores or antique stores, so don't just do your New Year's Eve shopping at the malls. A distinctive belt is your chance to stand out from all the other ladies on New Year's Eve.

3. Shoes

Of course when it comes to shoes you want something that's sexy and pretty, but also comfortable! It is really up to you and your personality. Some ladies cannot imagine wearing anything but high heels on New Year's Eve while others will go for comfy flats or knee high boots. As for color, you can either match your clothing or you can choose a complementary color. Sometimes it's really fun to wear crimson sparkly shoes with an all-black outfit. Have fun and find a pair of shoes that makes you feel fantastic every time you peek at your feet!

4. Hats

What about wearing a hat for New Year's Eve? Most people rarely wear hats these days, but a hat can be a really fantastic accessory. A tiny little hat pinned to the side of one head gives you a cheeky, fun look. A wide-brimmed hat that shades your face makes you look mysterious and is nice for a formal sit-down New Year's dinner. Hats with veils are even coming back into style! Look online for some great hat ideas. Lately lots of celebrities have been sporting hats, so you can copy some fashion ideas from the celebrity world and put the inspiration to good use on New Year's Eve.

Now you have some ideas for your own New Year's outfit this year. Remember, go with your instinct and choose an outfit that feels right for you. And don't forget to accessorize!