Romantic Valentine's Day Outfits

Find Cheap Valentine's Day Dresses, Jewelry and Accessories

Valentine's Day is the most romantic holiday you'll experience all year! To get yourself into the spirit of Valentine's Day, doll yourself up in your sexyist, most stylish outfit.

On February 14, do you want to wear something that expresses Valentine's Day spirit, yet is not just the same old obvious thing that everyone else will be wearing? Here are some sexy and cute Valentine's Day clothing choices. Whatever you choose, make this Valentine's Day a fashion event to remember.

Romantic Valentine's Day Cocktail Dress

If you are going on a romantic date to a fancy restaurant or bad, then a cocktail dress is a Valentine's Day favorite that can't go wrong! 

This Valentine's Day a shimmery red cocktail dress is a choice that expresses the romantic spirit beautifully. There are so many different reds available, you can surely find something that is unique. Make sure you choose a red hue that doesn't clash with your skin tones. If you have olive skin you will want to opt for scarlet or violet-toned hues. If you are blonde, go for a beautiful red that makes your hair look brilliant, not washed out or yellowish. It's best to take a friend with you when trying on red cocktail dresses and ask for an honest opinion. The perfect red cocktail dress this Valentine's Day might be shimmery, sleek or sexy...just go for what looks great and makes you feel like a million dollars!

Another option, if you think red cocktail dresses are too obvious, is to wear a black cocktail dress for Valentine's Day. This can be an amazing choice if you accessorize it with red of pink. Wear a pretty heart-shaped garnet necklace and matching earrings. Or find an amazing red leather belt for a really unique look. Your black Valentine's Day outfit can really make you stand out from people who are wearing too much red and have gone overboard! Less can be more!

When buying a cocktail dress for Valentine's Day, keep this in mind: your shoes are an important aspect of your V-Day outfit. Strappy heels are sexy, but do you feel comfortable in them? You don't want to fall flat on your face in front of that special someone. Walk around in your shoes for a couple hours before you wear them out, so you get used to them. Return them if you get blisters or they're not comfy. Or if you don't like heels, how about a pair of dark red leather boots for something super sexy and original. Or even just a sexy pair of flat sandals.

Sexy Trousers for Valentine's Day

You don't have to wear a dress or a skirt on Valentine's Day - there's no rule about it! In fact it's more original to slip into some cute trousers. Look for some pants that accentuate the natural shape of your legs. Here are some great V-Day trousers ideas:

  • Dark crimson velvet trousers, with a low-cut sparkly top and ruby earrings.
  • Cute pink satin pants, with a black lace tank top worn under a gauzy shirt or clingy cardigan.
  • Dark red leggings under a cotton shift dress, with strappy red high heels.

Jeans: the Laid-back Choice for Valentine's Day?

What if you're planning on a romantic date for Valentine's Day? If you're going to be enjoying time with some close friends or perhaps throwing a V-Day party at your place, or say you're hosting a Valentine's Day children's party, then in that case all the cocktail dresses and glammy pants may be way over the top! Now as you know, jeans are a girl's best friend and go with just about everything! Yes, even on Feb 14!

Dress up your cutest pair of jeans with a sexy red or pink top. Did you think about pairing jeans with high heels? That is kind of a sophisticated look and can really turn heads. You can wear a comfy pair of jeans on Valentine's Day, look awesome and have so much fun!

Romantic Accessories for Valentine's Day

Have you thought about the right romantic accessories for your sexy Valentine's Day clothing outfit? A lot of times ladies plan their outfits just thinking about a particular item of clothing. They forget to accessorize which is a big mistake! Because your V-day shoes, handbag, belt and so on can make or break your romantic Valentine's Day outfit.

And don't forget that if you don't care to or simply can't afford to buy an entirely new outfit off the rack for this year's Valentine's Day, you can just buy a bunch of adorable accessories. When you put on a new necklace or wrap a sexy red scarf around your neck you will feel like a movie starlet this Valentine's Day!

So thinking about accessories, which ones should you keep in mind for Valentine's Day? You definitely want to at least consider these three romantic V-day items:

1. Handbag/Purse

A  purse with a little bit of touch-me texture is a perfect choice for Valentine's Day. Something retro made of velvet or shiny satin is really lovely for Valentine's Day!

2. Sexy Belt

If you're wearing trousers on Valentine's Day then a sexy belt will make your outfit out of this world. Buy a belts made from dark red leather, or shiny metal loops. Or how about a shimmery or patterned fabric? Or a belt that doubles as a piece of jewelry? You can often come across unique belts in thrift stores and little antique shops. If you do all your Valentine's Day shopping at the malls remember that's where everyone else is shopping too. A distinctive, romantic belt can help you stand out from all the other women wearing pink, red or purple on Valentine's Day.

3. Sexy Shoes

You should try and wear a pair of shoes that are sexy but also comfortable! Now for some ladies this will mean high heels on Valentine's Day.  Others might prefer romantic comfy flats or wearing a pair of sexy knee high boots. How about the color? Well duh, it's V-Day...but don't feel like everything you wear has to be red! It's fun to wear red sparkly shoes with an all-black outfit, or go the other way and pair sexy black sandals with a pink sundress. Or how about some casual ballet slippers with pink leggings and a pretty sequinned scarf? If you just look around you will definitely come across a sexy pair of shoes that makes you feel romantic and pretty!

Now you have some sexy ideas for your romantic Valentine's Day outfit. If you're not sure, go with your gut. Wear an outfit that feels good and expresses your unique personality.