Stores like and Steve Madden feature military style boots that are stylish and high quality. Military boots are no longer for guys and girls who ride motorcycles. These boots have been seen on the runway and are now being worn by everyday men and women. However, the military style boots don't go with everything (formal dress and military boots is probably not a good look). However, now more than ever, you can pair military boots with styles that were previously not considered fashionable.

Socks and Jeans

Probably the most recognized and acceptable way to wear military styled boots is with white socks, visible over the top of the boots (which usually cover the ankle) and a pair of worn or torn jeans. This style brings to mind images of bikers and those who love them, however, this style has moved beyond motorcyclists and is now worn for everyday wear by teens and some middle aged people. When wearing military style boots with socks and jeans, it's usually a great idea to pair them with a fitted shirt if your a female and a shirt with the tail out if you're a guy. Again, this style of boot is being worn by both sexes.

Baby Doll Dress

Many younger women are still pairing military style boots with socks that roll over the ankle of the boot, but they are wearing the style with baby doll dresses. This type of dress is usually knee length or above knee length and the boots really go well with this look. This has allowed the military boot to be sported in Spring and Summer, times when you would never have seen them in years past. Many women also add a pair of leggings to the baby doll dress and the military boots to take the style into Fall.

Military Jackets

The military jacket has taken the runway by storm. What better style to pair your military boots with than a military jacket? You can wear just about anything in between, from a baby doll dress to jeans and t-shirts mentioned earlier. The fact that you have a military style on the top and the military boots on the bottom provides a real balance to a look that can come off as hard core and intimidating. Since that is the case, make sure what you wear in between is a bit less shocking. You might want to stick to a pop of color, but avoid loud designs or patterns when you pair your military boots with a military jacket.

Make sure that you keep your military boots clean and polished; you may wind up looking like you are actually in the military. To keep these type of boots stylish, you should pick your outfit and occasion well. Military boots are sometimes associated with extremes, so make sure you indicate that your choice is just for fashion and not anything with a negative connotation, and you can rock the military boot style with glee.

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