With Valentine's Day a little over three weeks away, perhaps you are already thinking about finding the perfect gift for your loved one?

Many people will tell you that they are not bothered, whether or not they receive a Valentine's gift and card. However, just as many of these people will be telling little white lies. After all who does not like a gift and perhaps a card. Maybe they say these things out of fear of receiving nothing.

Either way it is good to treat your loved one to something special but what can you buy?

Flowers and or chocolates.

This may be an easy option but that does not mean the gift will not be appreciated. Perhaps, instead of a bunch of flowers a lovely, garden shrub that will flower in the Summer, may be appreciated more. If you are opting for these basics choices try to presonalise the gift as much as you can.

Make sure that the flowers are the recipients favourite flower and in their favourite colour. Add a pretty gift tag, with a small hand written poem. It does not have to be in the league of Wordsworth, but a few personal thoughts will make the gift special.

Instead of buying a ready packed box of chocolates, shop at one of those extra special confectionery stores. One that sells to die for chocolates. You should be able to select the perfect choice of each chocolate, in order to maximise the pleasure of this gift. Personalised wrapping again will complete the gift.

Jewellery, watches and trinkets.

You need to be very careful when buying such gifts. Some people have metal allergies. Others may only like expensive jewllery and a bad choice could offend. It will better by far to take your loved one to the jewellery store, on Valentine's morning, to choose the perfect gift together.


Both men and women wear and love perfum these days. Again, you will need to be careful. Many women have their own signature perfume and will wear nothing else. Unless you are 100% about your purchase stay clear of perfumes. Other toiletries and gift sets are not a good choice for Valentine's gifts.

Music and books.

Depending on the music and book involved, these can be very romantic gifts. A book of love poems, a CD of the greatest love songs ever recorded, or a beautiful Art book may all hit the spot.


We girls love our handbags. These days there are so many to choose from. The prices can be ridiculously high, but you do not have to sell your soul, in order to purchase a perfect handbag.

Many men these days carry what we call man-bags, or they may prefer a sport's bag. Gloves, ties, scarves and hats may be appreciated. However, if you are not careful these gifts may look cheap and tacky.

Gift baskets.

Of course you can put together a gift basket for the him or her in your live yourself. You could include items such as :-

  • Paper, paints, pastels, brushes, pencils, crayons and the like for the budding artist.
  • A small bottle of your lover's favourite perfume and include soap, body lotion, cream and more in the same fragrance.
  • A candy basket full of favourite sweets, candies and chocolates.
  • A romantic evening basket which includes both of your favourite wines, foods and pastimes.

Remember the basket and extra trimmings are just as important as the gift.

Gift certificates.

These may not seem as romantic, but at least your lover can buy what they would really like.

Final thoughts.

Lingerie is a tricky one, to get right, so steer clear unless you are a dab hand at such shopping. Theatre tickets to a show, with a meal at his or her favourite restaurant afterward, could be just the thing.

Perhaps with Haiti in the news so much lately, a sizeable donation to the relief effort may be appreciated.

Do not forget that, sometimes, it is the smallest gift that touches someone's heart. After all that is what Valentine's Day is all about, isn't it? Love and not money.