Getting banned from Google Adsense often seems unfair: no warning, no need for Google to prove anything or even to justify their decision and very little chance to get your account back.

Trying to lure Google one more time by creating another Adsense account will not help you either since they will discover it sooner or later and you will get banned again.

However, there are many things you can do and your online revenue is not doomed to end here. Have a look at these options and leave a comment if I missed any you know about.

1. Adsense Alternatives

One of the most natural idea is to replace Adsense ads by other ads. There are many alternatives to Adsense and depending on the topic you are writing about, you may be successful with one of them.

However, I will be sincere with you, I have personally tried a few and none are paying as much as Adsense, and many bloggers think that even Adsense is not paying enough.

So, if you want to find some alternatives to Adsense, you'd better contact directly companies that could be interested in placing some ads on your blog. For example, if you write a blog about your city, some hotels/restaurants/tourists-driven-companies may be interested in placing ads on your blog. Contacting them directly may seem difficult much work but if you succeed, it will be worth it.

2. Selling your articles/blogs/websites

If you are not convinced by Adsense alternatives and don't manage to sell advertisement spaces to companies directly, you may actually think about selling your articles, blogs or websites. As an example, I know someone who sold all his articles here at InfoBarrel for several thousand dollars. Of course, these were well-written articles with already a lot of traffic to them and you would probably not get more than a few dollars if you were to sell a few articles without much traffic but it is worth trying. This way, you will get to know how much people are ready to pay for them, which is a good thing to have in mind anyway.

The only thing I would be careful about is selling a blog from It is stipulated in the TOS that the blog belongs to Google and that you are not allowed to sell it to a third party. You may work around the issue by selling the content of the blog (delete your articles and sell them without the blog) but well, the buyer may find it a bit dodgy. 

If you have a website, you should try market places for websites.

3. Writing Product Reviews

Writing product reviews is not to everyone's taste but if you don't mind, this could be a good alternative. Your aim would be to sell products via affiliate links. Not more complicated than getting people to read your articles and click on some ads and this can be lucrative.

One of the most popular affiliate program is Amazon. It is particularly good because even if your reader clicks on your affiliate link but buy something else on Amazon, you will still make money out of it (basically Amazon is thanking you for bringing a paying customer to them).

4. InfoBarrel, Squidoo and Zujava

Some websites pay you for writing articles. There are two models: the ones paying per articles and the ones sharing the advertisement revenue. I will not talk about the first type as they do not generate passive income (you get paid once and that's it). It is also more demanding as you are generally asked to write about a specific topic, within a challenging deadline and may have to rewrite your articles several times for your customer to be satisfied .

Among the second type of sites, there are 3 main websites; InfoBarrel, Squidoo and Zujava.

InfoBarrel is the site you are reading. In the past, you needed a Google Adsense account to earn money at InfoBarrel but now you have the option to get money from InfoBarrel directly. It is just a setting to turn on. InfoBarrel is a great website to write for (I am doing it right now).

Squidoo is a good website if you want to make a lot of money without an Adsense account. Basically, Squidoo uses its own Adsense account to display ads in your articles and share with you the revenue of these ads. The problem? In order to make money, you will need to keep your articles up to date and to drive enough traffic to them to keep them in the so-called Tiers. A demanding website but it pays well, uses paypal, and again no need for Adsense.

Zujava is the perfect website for lazy people like me. No need to keep your articles up to date, no need to drive traffic to them, no need for keywords/backlinks, etc... You simply write articles, forget about them and gather the money. Of course, you are not going to make thousands of dollars like this but it is really convenient. Zujava has also a very good referral program (especially until 1st February).

5. Others

In my opinion, these were the best options but there are many more ways to make money online. Proof-reading, ghost-writing, selling keywords, finding domain names for companies, designing websites... Just find what suits you best and the Internet will be yours.