Why hire professional movers

Choosing a removals service

Moving out and moving in is both exciting and wearisome. The excitement arises from the anticipation to meet new people and see new places. The whole process may leave you weary because of the worries associated with it. Aside from dealing with psychological effects, long distance moves becomes physically exhausting too, most especially when moving furniture and other belongings from the old residence to the new one.

Moving Out - what to do with properties

If you’re relocating to a very distant area, the most practical way to deal with furniture and appliance is to not bring them at all. You can choose which ones are necessary to bring along and which ones are not. Items which will be left behind can be sold, entrusted upon some of the people you know, and/or donated to charitable institutions. Priceless possessions can be exempted of course as no one is definitely willing to part with family heirlooms or prized properties.

You can also hire removals companies to help you. These are companies which transport properties from one state to another or within cities when moving out. Some companies even provide assistance when selling properties.

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The profit can be used in order to offset the cost of the removals service. The items will be collected, appraised, and the profit gained will be applied to lessen the total fee for the service even before the items are sold.

As for vehicles, the easiest way to deal with them is to simply drive them. Not unless you’re moving from one country to another or between states that are very far apart. When driving, you can trail the transport vehicle or guide them on the road. You can drive the vehicle yourself or ask someone to do so. This does not apply to bikes though especially if the old residence is too distant from the new one. If possible, bikes can be transported by moving out service companies along with other properties. You may also look for transport companies which specialize in moving vehicles.

Moving Out - Perfect Timing

If it can be avoided, the perfect timing for moving is not during holidays and summer months. These should be avoided because most people are often relocating at these times of the year as well. But if the circumstances will not allow you to do so, then choose an exceptional company at least to help you out.

Moving Out - Budget Expectation

The cost of moving out varies depending on a few factors like whether or not you hire a transport service, the number of and type of items to be transported including how much they weight in total, and the distance between the pickup area and the destination. If it helps, there are companies which utilize online calculators[870] to help you make an estimate of how it’s going to cost.

Moving Out - Why hire professionals

Since the option of hiring professional movers is mentioned, here are some of the reasons why it is advantageous to hire them.

  • Convenience

A removals company conveniently transports your belongings without you having to worry about them. In most cases, the items are insured too, just in case anything happens on the road.

  • Efficiency

Professionals can transport your properties safely and in the shortest time possible. These companies employ trained individuals and use effective tools to complete the job efficiently. If the whole process of moving out and moving in takes days or even weeks in the past, professional services can have it done within 24 hours or less. Some services can even store your belongings in a warehouse at a specific period just in case they can’t be delivered to the new home yet or if you can’t accommodate to receive them immediately.

  • Affordability

Transferring properties on a DIY basis can actually become more expensive than hiring companies who are experts in their industry. On your own, you will have to borrow or rent a loading truck or van and pay for gas, vehicle maintenance, and toll fees for long travels. Not to mention your own food allowance and other expenses. The whole process will require greater effort too in case you need to drive back and forth to move more items.

Moving Out -  Choosing a removals service

Choosing a removals service begins locally. Lookup companies with offices located nearby. Bulletin boards in local public places, local publications, and the Yellow Pages are just some resources you can start with. You may also solicit recommendations from some of the people you know or are acquainted with especially those with firsthand experience when it comes to moving out. If not, business directories and listings online can be referred to for more options. Even social media sites and community forums can also help.

Before closing a deal, make sure to gather as much as information as possible. It is recommended to allot at least two months to prepare for moving out and moving in, unless the event is unexpected. A few weeks will be more than enough for you to find potential removal companies. Narrow down your options based on considerations such as the company’s experience in the industry, performance feedback from previous clients, fees versus your budget, and what their services cover.

In relation to the latter, some companies as mentioned earlier offer options to lessen the fees. Aside from this, find out if the company provides removals within a city alone or if they cover long distance or inter-state relocation services as well. It all depends if you’re moving out just within your city or to a different state.  You can further compare fees and services offered among companies by contacting them through email, over the phone, or personally whenever possible.

You may have to prepare an estimated figure when it comes to travel distance and the number of items to be transported including the individual or overall weight if it can be measured. The company you will hire may need such information in order to provide you with a quote of how much the whole service will cost.

Moving Out - Final concerns

Before the actual moving out day, be prepared with boxes, packing tapes, plastic bags, and newspapers. These will be used to pack all things which will be loaded to the transport truck. Transport services do not cover expenses for these. Be careful with fragile items such as glasses and kitchenware by wrapping them with newspapers or magazines first and arranging them in boxes properly. Some place Styrofoam material at all four sides of a box before filling them with items for added protection.

You can bring along valuable possession with you instead if you are driving a vehicle in case you are not comfortable loading them onto the removal service truck. Any other lightweight properties may also be carried along to minimize the weight of what the service truck will transport. It lessens the cost of the service too. This is best planned and discussed during the negotiation process so both you and the transport company you hire will be able to finalize the fees before finally moving out and moving in to a new location.