Iceskating with Kids

Many of us with school age children or college age children are in the middle of winter break. Now that Christmas has passed many of us don't know what we will be doing for the rest of break, and the last thing that we want is for our kids to be board! Here are some fun ideas that will keep you and your children busy and create special bonding time.

Hit the Mall

Now that it is after Christmas, your kids might have money burning a hole in their pocket. They might of recieved money as a gift or earned it by working over the holidays. Either way they will want to get out and spend it. Take them to the mall and help them pick something new out. There are some fantastic after Christmas deals going on now. Maybe they can buy some new clothing on sale or something on their wish list that they did not receive. Your kid will appreciate you taking the time to bring them to the mall, and you will enjoy the time to bond.


Many of our children received gifts over the holidays, give them the experience of giving back. This is a great thing to do with your children because it seems that many people feel the need to volunteer right before the holidays, but why not after. Some ideas are: packing food at a food-shelf, walking a dog at an animal shelter, or helping an elderly neighbor. Your child will learn a lot about the gift of giving and it is an excellent time to bond. 

Outdoor Winter Activities

There are countless outdoor winter activities to do especially if you live in a part of the United States that has snow. You could go ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, build a snow fort, etc. This list goes on and on. Get outside, find something you like to do, and burn off all of those extra holiday pounds you have gained!

Cook or Bake Together

Many of us baked before the holidays, but why not cook or bake after with your kids after. You don't have to make all the traditional holiday cookies, but something like a family meal, a new dessert, or even breakfast. This is an excellent opportunity for your kids to learn cooking skills, have a home cooked meal, and of course family bonding time.