So you've got a couple of articles pending and you are going out of your mind waiting. While the easy answer is to tell you to write more articles, but the truth is that isn't always the best option.  It's true that content is king even on infobarrel, and nothing looks better than a catalog full of articles. We all love to write articles, and should do so whenever we can.

The number one thing you can do is to promote your articles. Why should you promote your articles when your articles should be worthy of views all on your own? That is almost the stupidest question you can ask yourself. People don't know anything about your articles unless you tell them about them.  Great advertising campaigns can help sell absolutely anything. You have to be your own advertiser, and there is no such thing as too much press. So how do you promote your content? The easiest way I have found is start with your family and friends. Let them know you are writing and get their feedback. The next step is to post on as many social sites as you can stand. For me I use a tool called social poster. I only do three sites but they generate a few hits for me, and that is ok for now.

The next thing you can do is research more topics to write on. Writers get writers block it happens. What works for me is to write all the topics I know i can write an article on, and just go through them one by one. Once I hit the end of the list I make a new one. Also just look for random things online to write about and do those. Every time you watch a tv show write a summary about it. Also, research SEO if you don't know what it is you need to.

The final thing I do that really helps me take my mind off of waiting for articles to go through is exercise.  You start walking or working out and everything just melts away.  Not to mention you will live longer, and improve your quality of life.  Exercising can even give you ideas for writing just by what you are doing. Think about your workouts, and what works for you and write about that.