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One may think that eyebrows are really not that important. After all how many times does anyone talk about what fantastic eyebrows a person has? They may comment on their eyes, their lips, their hair but eyebrows hardly ever. Yet having said that, without eyebrows our face would look rather weird making us look as if we had a huge forehead and also without eyebrows our eyes would not have the frame that they need. 

For those of us that were teenagers during the days of the model Twiggy (which makes us all in our late fifties), the mention of eyebrows can a very sore point. This is because due to the fashion that she represented we nearly all of us plucked our eyebrows to near to nothing and while some were lucky to have them grow back an awful lot of women never had such luck. 

And to make matters worse only a very short while after Twiggy set the trend, along came Brook Shields with her bushy eyebrows changing the whole concept of what eyebrows should look like all over again and those of us that over-plucked were now completely out of fashion!!! 

Since those days eyebrows have never gone back to how Twiggy wore them and so there are a lot of women out there still struggling with their eyebrow pencils. 

Using an eyebrow pencil has its tricks but the best thing to start with is a waterproof eyebrow pencil in a colour that is slightly lighter than the colour of your hair. I would suggest waterproof as in the summer perspiration can make your work disappear or equally you can smudge away your eyebrow if you are in the habit of rubbing your forehead. The brand Sephora have a good waterproof eyebrow system which will last at least 24 hours and allow you to even dive into the sea when on holiday and still emerge with a pair of eyebrows. 

It comes in the form of a waxy coloured cream within a tube and only a tiny amount is needed.

You apply just a small dot onto the back of your hand and with a specially designed eyebrow brush, which you can get from Sephora as well, you pick up a bit of the cream with the brush and apply it with small strokes to your eyebrow area. If you feel that the effect is too harsh you can soften it by going over the eyebrow with a clean brush much the same as an artist softens lines in his paintings. 

The range consists of five shades to choose from but if you really can't find the shade that suits you it is quite easy to buy two shades and mix them together until you arrive at a colour that you like. 

The other option for sparse eyebrows is to have them permanently tattooed. Although the word 'permanent' is not quite as permanent as its name suggests as they will need to be retouched every two or three years depending on how often you take the sun. 

A session could cost in the region of 200 € but for some women it is worth every penny as they don't have to worry about their eyebrows any more. 

The area of your eyebrows will be numbed before hand with a gel similar to that used in dental clinics to numb your gums before an injection or alternatively some beauticians just use ice to numb the area. Equally both work quite well. 

The shape and colour of your new eyebrows will be marked out for you with a normal eyebrow pencil so that you can ask for any changes before the actual tatoo begins. 

The actual time of tattooing both eyebrows should take about 45 minutes and although it is not very painful a little bit of discomfort will have to be endured. 

For the first two weeks the colour of your eyebrows will be darker than their eventual colour simply because the area will be a bit swollen and there will be scabs due to the slight bleeding that occurs during the tattooing session. It is very important though not to touch the scabs and just let them fall off naturally. 

If you feel that they look too dark during these two weeks a little face powder dusted over them will help to soften their colour.