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Constipation affects nearly everyone at some point in their life from a newly born child to a mature and aged adult. Read on to find out what to do for constipation and how to relieve the causes that trigger this uncomfortable condition. Below you will discover 4 remedies for relief.

What to do for Constipation - Hydration

Not everyone walks around everyday counting how many glasses of water and other fluids they take in, but this can be an important part of ridding yourself of constipation. Drink plenty of water and other replenishing fluids regularly throughout the day to stay hydrated. Without water you will be more prone to harder stools which can be difficult and painful to pass. Keeping your body properly hydrated at all times though will allow your digestive system to work properly which will in turn keep your stool soft enough to pass more regularly and with less discomfort.

What to do for Constipation - Proper Diet

A proper diet high in fiber is an important part of regularity and a step that is often neglected or easily overlooked. Maintaining a diet full of fresh veggies, fruit, whole grains, bran, beans and other high fiber foods in combination with proper water intake can help prevent you from becoming constipated.

Fiber supplements such as Metamucil, Fiber Choice and Benefiber can also be used for those who suffer from constipation and have difficulty eating enough of the fiber-rich foods needed to keep them regular. These supplements often are used by your system to break down and move along dry stubborn fecal matter that would otherwise cause you to become constipated. Again this needs to be done with plenty of water.

Quickly, because it is extremely important, we will touch on some of the cons of taking a fiber supplement for constipation relief. 1) Failing to drink enough water with a fiber supplement can lead to an obstruction of the bowels 2) pills and powders are not going to be loaded with nutritional vitamins that are important to your overall health and system function 3) they don't often taste very good 4) these "supplements" are not always prescription friendly and may cause certain medications to not work as prescribed.

What to do for Constipation - Laxatives

Laxatives come in all different forms from edible chocolates to suppositories. These can typically be found over the counter at your local super market or drug store and can really assist in bringing about constipation relief.

Be careful if you are a chronic sufferer and regularly use laxatives however, because with prolonged use laxatives can cause serious health issues such as lazy bowels, liver toxicity, dependency and much more.

What to do for Constipation - Exercise

Regular activity and exercise - especially when incorporated an hour or so after eating - can aid in staving off that annoying constipated condition. Take on walking, jogging, swimming, dance or any other activity that keeps you moving. This will help your body to function as it is designed and start processing and moving that recently digested food along - in turn keeping your bowel movements softer and more regular thus reducing the chance of constipation.

Always consult your regular physician or specialist before taking on any treatment as sometimes conditions such as prolonged or painful constipation can merely be a symptom of a more serious condition. Also be sure to ask your doctor what their recommendation on what to do for constipation would be.

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