In these desperate times of recession, many people dread events and holidays that put pressure on finances even more than they are already. Valentine's day for some couples is yet another reason to feel desperate about the lack of income in the household. Not very romantic is it?
Well, who said romantic had to equal spending money. Here are some ideas that you can do with relatively little money or items you may already have at home.

Tips for the ladies.

1) Your partner may work hard all the time, and not being sexist but I am yet to find a truly romantic man myself, even though I am married. What I mean by that is that yes they do romantic things, but if you asked a man, they would say that it was more for the female in their life rather than them,that they were doing the gesture for. So, with this in mind remember that relaxing may be the nice way to go for your man, instead of romantic and girly. Cook your man his favourite meal at home, lay the table out nicely, run a bath for him and let him soak in the bath when he comes in, giving you time to tidy yourself up for him. Enjoy your meal and then sit down with a glass of wine and a pint for him, along with a great rented or even better, borrowed dvd. Bliss and cheaply done.

2) Make a picnic up and go for a walk in a local country park, if your man is a couch potato then this is obviously not the Valentine's day he will be after, but if he is in any way an outdoor person then he will love being away from all the concrete for a while.

3)  Make him a " cheque book" with naughty deeds that you are willing to do for him when he wishes. He has to randomly supply you with a cheque to "cash" though. Think naughty and fun, this adult relations, yeah, you got it!


Valentine's day treat

Valentine's day cuddles

Tips for the Gentlemen

1) I know it seems trickier for you men doesn't it? If you don't buy anything, but if you live with your partner and she knows how financially tight things are, as long as you make an effort you should be quite safe. Tell her to stay in bed in the morning, bring her breakfast in bed on a tray, with a single flower in a small vase or tumbler. Put some effort in it, do not make her a big greasy fry up if she prefers fresh fruit, or croissants. Then run the bath for her, plenty of bubbles, and scented candles if she likes them. Take any children out to visit Grandma if you have them so she can enjoy in peace. If you do not have children, fabulous, jump in with her. 

2) Make her a lovely meal at home, most men have a signature dish, stick with that, better safe than sorry. Bottle of wine, dvd, and how about a massage and a cuddle, with out expecting anything in return. You have more chance of getting something really, but she will feel special and not like you did all that to get her clothes off. 

3)Take your loved one to a local beach or country park. It won't be sunbathing weather, but a nice cuddly walk would be relaxing and refreshing. And if you have followed my other ideas you will both want to walk off any calories you indulged in.

4) Buy one affordable present, box of chocolates or a bottle of wine etc, and don't just hand it her. Leave post it note clues to the next post it note, putting a compliment to her on each one and a clue where to find the next post it note, until the last post it note. Then lead her to the gift.

I have made these ideas directed to traditional couples but they will match for gay couples alike. I hope I have sparked the idea of true shows of affection instead of getting the credit card out in a store. Have a lovely Valentine's day.