That fearful age of 65 might be getting closer and closer. You may need to put your mind to work because the thought of not having saved enough money to retire fully has really started to nag you. As a matter of fact, you are pretty sure your uncontrollable expenses and your careless behavior towards your retirement are preventing you from sleeping at night. So what are your options?

And there are options, thank heavens! You just need to breathe in and read this through. First of all, you need to carefully analyze the depths of your particular situation. If you have come up with the conclusion that you will not be able to retire and visit those exotic places you have always wanted to visit, things might not be that dramatic. You can find a part-time or even a full time job that pays well, that focuses on your experience and field of work and brings you the benefits you so desperately need. There are many excellent opportunities for retirement careers which offer options to explore your areas of interest and passions. The truth of the matter is that you can be as creative as you like if you choose to continue to work. Because we are living longer, many of decide to explore our passions.

You can also think about your long, lifetime passion and how it translates into a part-time job doing what really pleases you. Clean the dust off those lenses and become a professional photographer; or become a kindergarten teacher or a nurse.  Maybe apply for a grant and continue your studies so you can become a registered nurse and earn some extra money. You always loved to take care of people anyway, so why not make a living out of it now that you’re retired and have plenty of spare time and nothing interesting to do with it?   

Of course things may be a little worse than that, and you might have to start to do some serious saving before you can actually retire. You can search for an excellent retirement fund or a retirement investment program and risk a little. Just make sure you learn everything there is to know about these programs; triple check that they are not frauds or scams and try your luck. You might end up earning some really nice cash and then your retirement concerns won’t have that big of an affect on you anymore. 

You can always check your Social Security situation and get an estimate of how much you should be expecting. Wait for three months to pass after you turn 65 and go check your statement. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.

You need to keep things in perspective and always be updated with the latest decisions that come from the government. You can even choose to work a few extra years and benefit from your additional retirement funds, shorten your retirement considerably and keep yourself active at the same time. If you come to think of it, turning 65 does not necessarily mean you need to give up on yourself or your life. So you can dust yourself off and think of clever ways of making things happen.

You can also contact a financial adviser and get some help if you’re thinking about starting up a home-based business on your own. Nothing should seem impossible as long as you have your strong will in one hand and your determination in the other.