It was a couple of weeks before school let out for summer vacation. The front door swung open, and in stepped two little girls with frowns on their faces. Of course I was instantly concerned. "Whats the matter" I asked, Savannah, my daughter, handed me a folded piece of paper, then the poor girl groaned and started scratching her head profusely. I sat down, unfolded the paper, and began to read. "Head lice" I said. And so it began. One of the worst battles I have ever fought against nature.

     I started where anyone (not in the know), probably would have, the local pharmacy. I dished out the $24.95 on the name brand over the counter cure to get rid of the lice. I also spent another $10.00 on the special comb sitting next to the box. Ever notice when you are put into an embarrassing situation that you feel it necessary to give some sort of explanation? Oh well, with a red face I paid the checkout girl, and headed for home.

     Once at home, I sat down, tore open the boxes, and read the instructions. Savannah gets into the shower, and I start on the laundry. Not thinking too much about it, I just wash the top sheets, and pillow cases on her bed. While Savannah is int the shower, I have her use the shampoo provided in the kit, and when she got out, I used the special comb I purchased from the pharmacy. After her hair dries,I gave her a good once over to make sure the lice where gone.

     About a week before summer vacation, the front door swings open, Savannah steps into the house with a frown on her face. A piece of folded paper in her hand, and her other hand was scratching her head! Sitting down I read the paper, "head lice"...Again!!! Two more failed treatments, and over $100.00 later I realize that what I was doing wasn't going to work.

      At a complete loss, I call the one person that I usually call in situations like this, my mom. Thats right, I had to call my Mommy. A 36 year old man beaten by a bug. Wow! Anyways, after consulting with my mother on the subject, I find out that the way to get rid of head lice is to use olive oil, and saran wrap. You wash the hair as normal, then coat the hair generously in olive oil. After that, you wrap the head up tightly in the saran wrap , and leave it overnight. While you are doing this, you need to wash ALL the bed clothes in very hot water. I doesn't hurt to vacuum all the floors, and furniture as well. The next morning we washed Savannah's' hair really good with regular shampoo until all the oil was gone. We used the special comb to remove the dead lice, and nits. This treatment all together cost about $18.00.

     It has been over two years, and Savannah has been happy, healthy, And lice free since.