Things to do in Greece

Greece, considered the origins of Western civilisation, was the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games, Western philosophy and literature, as well as political science and other scientific and mathematical procedures and theories. Ancient Greece was also home to the establishment of acting and drama, including both tragedy and comedy. Nowadays, it is a beauiful, friendly country, and with so many things to do in Greece, why not make it your next holiday destination?

Visit the Zagori and Vikos Gorge

The Zagori region in Greece is a hidden treasure of beautiful limestone mountains, rustic stone bridges over rivers, and villages with ancient architectural delights. one of the most stunning spots in this majestic region is the Vikos Gorge. At just under 16 kilometres long, this is the world's deepest gorge, reaching depths as high as 1000 metres in some places.

You can spend a beautiful day hiking through the quiet gorge,but if you have the time, you should try and stay longer, lodging at a quaint inn or tavern at the local villages to really explore the entire area properly.

Vikos GorgeCredit: Wikimedia

Discover Mystra

 Greece is littered with ancient sites and ruins, but perhaps none that are so evocative as Mystra, a ancient ruined city that dates back to around the mid 13th century. It is an amazingly breathtaking place to explore, built down a steep mountainside, its mansions, churches and sporting arenas remain largely intact.

The city isn't overly crowded with tourists, so you can take you time exploring and getting lost down alleyways or under archways, or is you have the time, combine a visit to the nearby Langhada Pass to hike though and view the beautiful and remote scenery.

MystraCredit: Wikimedia

Go Greek Island Hopping

There are over 1000 Greek Islands, with roughly only ten per cent of them inhabited. Most of them are connected via ferries, and no two islands are the same.  From the party islands of Ios and Myhonos, to the relaxed and calming influence of the monasteries at Patmos, to the rocky vastness of Crete, to the beautiful white buildings of Santorini, there is an island in Greece for every type of traveller.

The best and most relaxing way to see the Greek Islands is by cruising around on a boat, either with a tour or if you are brave enough, hire one yourself and take the time out to relax and island hop your way around the majestic and beautiful islands of Greece.

Explore the Air Monasteries

Metora literally means 'suspended in the air', and when you arrive, it is quite easy to see why this beautfil, unique place was named that. In the 11th cenury, monks came to this remote area and built  large monestaries high up on top of the rugged cliffs of the peaks of the mountains. The there are six monestaries built up on the rocky pinnacles, and offer amazing, top of the world views, superb frescores, and a collection of late Byzantine art to be viewed.

There are two ways to get to the top to see the monestaries in all theih glory. For those who are extreme hikers and hard core climbers, you can make the same journey that was used is ancient times that includes steep, practically vertical pillars of rock wih names like 'The Corner of Madness'. For those looking for the easier option, there are a set of zig-zaging stairs that were carved into the rock in the 1920s that will take you right to the top.

Hike Mount Olympus

Famously known as the home of the Ancient Greek Gods, Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, standing 2920 metres (9570 feet) tall. If you plan on making it to the peak, you can;t reach it is a single afternoon. the hike takes two days, and while you don't need to be an experienced climber, you do need to be somewhat fit and prepared, as you will require stamina to make it to the mystical summit. Weather conditions can  change dramatically as well, with it being boiling hot at the base of the mountain, and a windy blizzard halfway up.  But as you trek up you will pass gorgeous fields of wild flowers and dense forests, as well as large boulders before reaching the sheer cliff faces and drops at the summit which offer breathtaking views that not only make the climb well worth it, but are views you are not going to forget anytime soon.

Mount OlympusCredit: Wikimedia

Facts about Greece

Roughly 80 per cent of Greece consists of mountains, of which Mount Olympus is the highest at 2,917 metres (9,570 feet).

According to the 2011 census, the population of Greece is 10,787,690.

The capital of Greece is Athens.

During the ancient times, at every olympics, the Greeks would sacrifice one hundred bulls to the god Zeus.

Greece's former currency, called the drachma, was 2,650 years old and Europe’s oldest currency. It was replaced with the Euro in 2002.

The largest island in Greece is Crete.

98 per cent of the population are Greek Orthodox.

The first Olympic Games took place in Greece in 776 B.C. The first Olympic champion was a Greek cook named Coroebus who won the sprint race.

Greek is one of the oldest languages in Europe, having been spoken for more than 3,000 years.

Due to the global financial crisis, Greece recorded the highest increase in unemployment in one year  21% in December 2011, up from 14.3% in December 2010.

The Greek National Anthem contains 158 verses.

In ancient times, a married women could be put to death if she was caught watching the Olympic Games.

There are so many things to do in Greece to entertain everyone on a holiday, whether it is families, couples or solo travellers. Greece caters for everyone, with a range of active and sedately holiday attractions, it is sure to suit every type of holiday. So now that you know what to do in Greece, make it your next holiday destination and enjoy the beautiful, friendly country.