When visiting Jordan, there are a few things you should know before you go. This way you will find it easier to adjust to culture, instead of giving yourself any shock once you arrive. Also, by observing the local customs, you will enjoy your trip much more.

            Firstly, you should know about clothing. Most of the citizens of Jordan are Muslim. Although the women wear typical Muslim attire, visitors are not expected to wear it. However, it is advised that women, and even men, dress conservatively and are not too revealing. Most people do not wear shorts, and two piece bathing suits are only appropriate at hotel pools.

            While Arabic is the official language of Jordan, many people speak English, as well. Some citizens know other popular foreign languages, but not as well as Arabic or English. The time zone is seven hours ahead of Eastern Time, so plan on adjusting to the time change once you arrive, and when you come back.

Water is an important issue in Jordan. The people of Jordan find it very important and do not like when people waste it. If you are at a nicer hotel, then the water should be safe to drink. Otherwise, it is best to drink bottled water, which can be found inexpensively.

            Do not worry about communication when you go to Jordan. You can find a telephone easily. Also, most hotels have a fax machine. Internet access can be found just about anywhere. You may have to pay for it, though. The currency of Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar.

            The people of Jordan are very friendly. They are forgiving and understanding when visitors break the rules of etiquette. However, if you are trying to make an effort to live in their culture, they will very much notice and appreciate it.

            In order to visit Jordan, you can get a visa once you arrive at the airport for around $30. Some countries require a visa purchased in advanced. If you check out the Jordan travel website, you can find out if your country will require you to purchase a visa before you come.

            Another thing you should know about visiting Jordan is travel. The good news is that most people know where famous and well-known buildings are located. The bad news is that people rarely use street addresses and directions. Popular transportation is also taxis, trains, and busses.

            Once you arrive in Jordan, there are plenty of things for you to do. Jordan has a rich history and you can get a taste of that on your visit! You can float in the Dead Sea, visit the place where Jesus was baptized at the Jordan River, view a mosaic map of the Holy Land in Madaba, check out the Roman Amphitheatre in Jerash, go diving in Aqaba, and you can even visit the place where Moses stood when he saw the Holy Land. Finally, don’t forget to visit Petra, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a historical city with water conduit systems and amazing rock architecture. It is located in the Ma’an Governorate.