Welcome to Perth!

Being one of the most isolated capital cities in the world you may not consider Perth a place to visit but, if you do, you wont be disappointed. Originally inhabited by the indigenous Yellagonga people, It's thought that Dutch settlers were the first Europeans to discover the swan district around 1619. Land was quickly settled around the fertile Swan and Canning Rivers by British colonies around 10 years later.

These days Perth is a buzzing metropolis filled with friendly and laid back people, a thriving arts culture, beautiful beaches and great scenery. Perth has everything you would need for a family getaway or a romantic retreat with great coastal townships only a few hours south, namely the Margaret River wine district where day trips start around $150 p/p and include wine tasting, cheese tasting or stopping to explore some of the many beautiful caves that are dotted around the area. While Margaret River is only a few hours drive south of Perth, you may just want to take it easy and wander through the city. There are some great old historical buildings in and around the City including the Perth Mint which is open for Tourists most days of the week.

Then there is the beaches, and there is a lot that can be said about the quality of Perth's beaches, from the famous Cottesloe beach heading north to Scarborough is a beautiful stretch of nice sandy beaches which, with temperatures in the summer as high as 45 â„ƒ, it's a sure thing that you will be spending time relaxing on, with the water often the best way to stay cool. If summer sounds to hot, then the springtime is when you want to visit Perth, temperatures ranging from 20 â„ƒ to 30 â„ƒ , it is a beautiful time of year with the tail end of the winter rains and the wildflowers blooming, a short drive north to Yanchep National Park will guarantee an amazing display of wildlife and flora and hosts a small cave with tours running daily at a very reasonable price, and why not stop at the Yanchep Inn and have a drink with the bird life singing all around you!