Things to do in Switzerland

Planning a holiday but don't know where to go? Heading to Europe but don't know what countries to visit? With activities and attractions that range from active to relaxing, the things to do in Switzerland will suit all types of travels - families, couple and solo explores. Below is a list of what to do in Switzerland that includes sledding and sledging to keep an active daredevil entertained, or perhaps you just want to take a relaxing ride on the Glacier Express and enjoy the beautiful Swiss scenery.

Whatever you are looking for in a holiday, Switzerland has something for everyone.

Glacier ExpressCredit: Wikimedia

Take a Ride Aboard the Glacier Express

Take a breath-taking ride aboard the Glacier Express as it travels from St.Mortiz and Zermatt high up in the Swiss Alps. Ironically known as the slowest express in the world, the train started running in 1930, and takes 7 and a half hours,  to cross 291 bridges, travel through 91 tunnels, and cross the Oberalp Pass, at the highest point of 2033 metres (6670 feet).

You will not be able to resist falling in love with every mile of the magical scenery, whether it is the wild pine green forests, seemingly bottomless ravines, snowy mountainous peaks, craggy cliffs or isolated villages. With every turn and curve though the Alps, you will be mesmerized by such pristine views that you will never forget.

Bungee Jump off the Verzasca Dam

Verzasca Dam is located on the Swiss shores of Lake Maggiore, and if action and adventure is what you want on your holiday, then you definitely have to visit. In one word: Bungee. The Verzasca Dam is home to the world's second largest commercial bungee jump. With a free fall of 220 metres (772 feet) it is sure to provide the jumper with roughly ten seconds of adrenalin-inducing euphoria and fear. Jumps are only available between April and October, and it is recommended that you book.

Husky Sledding

And with a cry, you're off, being pulled along on a sled by a group of stong, powerful huskies as you travel across the snowy flats of Laurenen. Husky Sledding is suitable for all ages, as companies like Huskypower, who operate in the south-west of Switzerland, offer a range of different experiences, from a twenty minute ride around the village, to a hike and sledding experience to see some truly spectacular glaciers. This is an activity for everyone. 

Live in a Pod in the Swiss Alps


Hidden away high up in the tranquility of the Swiss Alps is 'Whitepod', a zero impact, luxury camp. The camp consists of 'pods' - a mini curved dome covered in a white canvas. It is a sturdy igloo-shaped construction on a raised wooden platform. But don't let the design fool you, this is camp is all about the modern, five-star comforts. each pod is heated by its own wood-burning stove and inside you will find a king-sized bed, comfortable armchairs, luxury toiletries and even an iPod. For showers and meals, you simply walk over to the wooden chalet in the middle of the camp.

As a boost for eco-tourism, Whitepod sources everything locally, from the logs to the organic food. It is run on solar power, and the pods aren't built using concrete, meaning that they don't impact the ground beneath them. There are also many activities to do that including skiing, huski sledding, parahiking (hike up a mountain, paraglide down) and horse riding.

And once your day is done you can head back to the camp for a relaxing massage, a drink at the chalet, and watch the majestic sunset over the spectacular view of the mountains.

Sledging Down the Cresta Run

This holiday activity is strictly for male daredevils, as women have been banned since 1929, and you will definitely need to be brave, and maybe slightly crazy, to face the adrenalin-inducing speed  of the Cresta Run.

Lying down on a toboggan, you hurdle headfirst down an icy track, reaching speeds of up to 145 kilometres per hour (90 mph). With every terrifying twist and turn you will be hard pressed to find a more adrenalin pumping ride. For those who are sane enough to decide they don't want to partake, there are plenty of spaces to watch others hurdle down the fast paced track. 

Cresta RunCredit: Wikimedia

Facts about Switzerland

  • As of 2011, the population of Switzerland was 7,907,000.
  • The divorce rate in Switzerland is 53 per cent.
  • Swiss women were not allowed to vote in federal elections until 1971.
  • Switzerland has over 1500 lakes.
  • There are 48 mountain peaks in Switzerland that are over 3962 metres (13,000 feet) tall.

So whether you are looking for action and adventure, or peace and relaxation, Switzerland is the perfect holiday destination for everyone. Now that you know what to do in Switzerland, pack you bags today!