What I do when I am bored


#1 . I like to look up the most random youtube videos that I can possibly find. You may think this would get boring, but when you look up stuff to make you laugh, it makes time go by so much faster than you would think.

#2. I listen to music on my computer or my iPod. My compuetr is better to listen to music when no one at my house is home and I don't need to wear a headset. The iPod is better when people are home and you need earbuds or a headset. 

#3. Play minigames on sites like addictinggames or miniclip. There are so many different games and I find it fun to look at how weird the games are. The best ones in my opinion are the strategy ones because they get addicting and you always want to win. I do this every couple of months and check the top games of the month.

#4. This one is probably one of the best because I can always kill a few hours doing this. I go on the computer and try to find multiplayer games that are for little kids. I then try to make the dumbest name I can think of, such as, master1245192. Then you walk around and act all tough around random people. They think you are a nerd and probably like 8 years old, but you really aren't. You just keep trolling until they sooner or later log off. This can also work on xbox. I join a game and annoy everybody possible, but still top the leaderboards on Halo or CoD. Halo > CoD btw...

#5. Lastly, when I am bored.... I watch Spongebob. Spongebob is probably one of the dumb funniest shows that I can find. Dumb funny is when the show is so terrible that it becomes funny at how terrible the show is. I enjoy watching Spongebob with friends or talking to them over skype and talking about what is going to happen next because I've seen all the episodes. My favorite episode is the one about Texas and Sandy. The one where she is going to go home and Spongebob and Patrick just keep making fun of her. I have this recorded so I can watch it when ever I want to.



OH and don't forget to watch Adult Swim and Comedy Central.