As a professional organizer, I often hear someone say that their whole house so messy, they just don’t know where to start. The trick is to deal with the big problems first as that will inspire you to deal with other things later. The other thing is to be realistic. If your house has been a mess for years, don’t expect it will take a day or a week to get it back in shape.


Start with trash

The more stuff we have in our homes, the more we will keep that which is pure trash. So go through your house with a trash bag putting in it those things that can obviously go straight in the garbage bin. Do this quickly, don’t think about what you are putting in the bag or it will take too long.


Donate to Thrift Store

Is there stuff in your house that you don’t want anymore, but still has value? If you have a lot, it is more important to get rid of it than sell it as selling is a slow method of getting rid of stuff. So, get yourself a big box and put things in that box that you can donate. When it is full, put it in your car and get another box. The really crucial point here is that the things actually get to a thrift store, so make sure you drive there or leave them outside your house for the next pick up.


Clear the floor

The difference between a messy floor and a clear floor is huge. When starting to clear a house, start with the floor. Continue with your trash bag and your box for the thrift store, but work on the floor area. Even if your possessions don’t leave your house, getting them off the floor will go a long way toward improving the look of your house. If you have what is known as “rabbit trails” (a thin passageway banked by clutter on both sides). Then work to widen them as clearing the whole floor is too big a job.


What bothers you the most?

Look round your house and ask yourself, what is the biggest problem you have with your clutter? If it is the fact that you can’t cook in your own kitchen, then clear the kitchen. If it is the bedroom or the family room that annoys you, then start there.


How long do you think the job will take?

How long did it take you to get your house in a mess? And how long do you think it will take to declutter? Our expectations are often not realistic, you can’t clear 10 years' worth of clutter in a day or a week, it takes time and hard work.


Don’t buy organizational tools too soon

The mistake many people make is to buy plastic boxes in an effort to get them selves organized. Instead you should declutter, see what your need is for organizational tools and then buy them.


Get a friend to help

A friend will see your things for the value they are and won’t be sentimentally attached to them. A good friend will encourage you to get rid of that which you don’t need. It’s really helpful to have a friend by your side saying such things as, “Do you really want this?” and “What on earth have you kept this for?” It’s also fun to declutter with a friend as the time goes quickly.


When stuff leaves your house, it will bless many people

When your stuff leaves your house, it will bless you. If you donate it to a thrift store, the thrift store will get some money and the person buying it will also be blessed. When you hold on to your stuff, it just becomes clutter and no one is blessed. Don’t be too fussy about which thrift store it goes to. The next one that comes for a pick up is the best one to donate to.


What do I get rid of?

Anything that you don’t want and love should leave your house. If you haven’t used it in over a year, then let someone else use it. When you start to get rid of your stuff, you will see the benefits and will want to declutter more. Make decluttering a habit, try and declutter daily if possible.