Suppose you have a good iphone application idea; you see a potential market and realize it could be “The next big thing”. But the problem is you don’t know a thing about coding iphone applications. The idea could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, don’t just give up on it. Sadly there is no site that buys iphone app ideas. Here are a few things you can do to make your app idea into reality.


Budget: $1,500-$8,000

                If you have the funds why not pay ozapps to make the app for you. The best thing about the site is that you get full ownership of your app once it’s done. You just introduce your iphone app idea to them and if they can do it they will contact you through mail or call you directly. You would then sign a non-disclosure agreement to insure your that your idea will be safe. They would even help you get your app into itunes store. The cost will vary on how complex your app is. A basic app would cost around $1,500 give-or-take; a more complex app however could go beyond $5,000 – it’s a little steep, but if you believe your app would sell then why not. They accept credit card payment through paypal.


Budget: Less than $1,500

                Odesk lets you hire a contractor that you can pay on an hourly basis. If your app idea is not that complicated (a counting app for example), it would be best to choose this method. You could save up a lot of money especially if the programmer could finish the app within a week. You can also specify how many hours in a week you want the programmer to work on the app. You will be using software provided by t Odesk to help you contact and check your programmer.


Budget: $100

                You might think that it is impossible to make an iphone app with a budget of only $100, but the thing is that other people have had similar problems and found out ways on how to make
iPhone apps with no programming experience at all. This people are willing to share their knowledge by writing and selling ebooks. You might think that it's unfair, but think of it his way, it will help you to finally get forward and this step itself is a milestone towards creating your app.


                This means you find other peole to create the app for you. Creating an iphone app requires a good programmer as well as a graphics designer. When you choose to outsource, you have complete control of the costs. You could save much by choosing different people to do the job than hiring an iphone app developer to do the job for you. But you must be ready to face the responsibilities that comes with it. Since you'll be playing the role of a supervisor during the whole process. It will not be easy, but if your up to the challenge then why not?

Budget: $0 

                In this case your option is to find a programmer, ask him to do the app for you and to split the earnings that your app would generate. There are a lot of programmers out there who would take this job specially if your app is not that complicated. You can look for a programmer on one of the top iphone app development forums. You can start a thread and see if anybody would be willing to work with you. It’s a long shot, but it’s free and it might just work. You can create a non-disclosure agreement to protect your idea.

I would also suggest you teach yourself how to make an iphone app. It requires at least an apple computer and patience. That sums it all up. Now get out there and make that app.