Accidents when driving an automobile are very common occurrences. The accident may be a small one which just bends your fender, or it can be one in which you are involved in a pile up with lots of other car. Any accident is always shocking and can cause you a lot of emotional stress. It will be the rare person who can claim never to have had an automobile accident in his driving career.

One is always disturbed after an automobile accident that has occurred while you were driving. However, there are things that you have to do so that you find it easier to deal with the consequences of the accident. These steps will help you to deal with all the future consequences of the accident as well as any insurance claims that you may prefer.

What is it that you need to do?

However small the accident has been that you have had while driving, ensure that you first look for medical help, as certain traumas and brain injuries do not immediately manifest themselves, and thus medical attention can help you to halt the injury and its effects. Never ignore any injury however small and see that it receives adequate medical attention.

See if you can record the accident and the damage caused on a camera or even cell phone. Include your vehicle as the well as the other vehicles or vehicles that were involved in the accident. Also take pictures of the scene of the accident and its location. In the absence of a camera, record all aspects of the accidents in words and make proper sketches of the scene of the accident, so that this can help you in future.

Get the name of the other driver or drivers involved and their contact information. If there are witnesses to the accident ensure that you record their details as well, so that you can contact them in future if the need arises.

See that you have no conversation with any insurance adjustors. These adjustors of the other drivers involved will try to contact you and get you to give a statement, and may even offer to settle the matter. There is no need for you to respond to these people or offers and you should simply refer them to your lawyer. An insurance company is in the business for profit and will always try to settle the matter as cheaply as they can. Even if you find the offer attractive enough, make it a point to take legal advice first.

See that any medical treatment that you get consequent to the accident is properly recorded and retain such records for future use. In case you are entitled to medical compensation as a result of the accident, these reports could go a long way to validate your claims.

Some state laws allow you to get compensation even if you have made the mistake while driving. This is called 'comparative negligence', and you should involve your legal adviser once you have had the accident and especially if you have had the misfortune to lose your near and dear ones in the accident.