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It is amazing to hear people praise and admire us for how we look, but once in my beautiful life I also experienced that scaly spots on my face that itch. I was wondering what that was and began to be anxious about how I look and what would happen to my face if I couldn’t get an immediate dermatological or medical help. The scaly spots were bothering me and anytime soon, I could lose my self confidence if I couldn’t find a way to treat it.


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It was a sad experience to have the scaly spots on my face that itch. It was a little depressing because it is our innate need to feel good about ourselves and feel beautiful. Most of us are always conscious about how we look; we always wanted to become beautiful and good looking in order to boost our confidence and self-esteem. That’s the reason why we always keep track of recent advancement in the field of dermatology; we try to learn and discover different approaches and strategies to becoming beautiful inside and out. But at times, we couldn’t avoid those situations similar to the itchy, scaly spots on the face.

Scaly Spots: What Are They?

Dry, scaly, itchy spots on the face, accompanied by a burning sensation are the kind of skin condition that many people suffer. These spots are no ordinary blemishes that could be eliminated instantly by simple means. They are scaly and itchy patches that aside from giving discomfort to their victims, they would also eat their confidence. Who would like to walk in the mall or in the streets with all those scaly spots on the face? Of course, there is nobody. You cannot cover them with anything and people might wonder what was going on with your face. But what are they and how can they be addressed? Do we really know what this recurring skin condition is and what are its causes?

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Skin experts look into this particular problem and attempt to identify these scaly and itchy spots through the visible symptoms. There are many skin conditions associated to itchy, scaly, and inflamed spots on the face. Eczema is the most common skin disease, which nearly fit to the symptoms presented. It has become a prevalent skin problem that affects anybody of different age brackets all over the world. It is characterized by irritation or burning sensation, itchiness, scaly or flaky skin, and some other obvious indications.

How it is being tested and diagnosed? The patient is required to undergo some skin tests to determine the sensitivity of his or her skin in order to find out what particular solution to be given to remedy the problem. After several tests, the patient will be given advice and prescriptions fit to his or her skin, which definitely would not aggravate the condition – meaning, these scaly, itchy spots will addressed based on the results of the tests to ensure that proper treatment will be delivered.

Treatment and Remedies: Insights and Tips on How to Deal with Scaly Spots on the Face

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It is still very important to visit a dermatologist or skin experts to be able to get appropriate attention regarding this problem. Medical and skin experts suggest that it is essential to carefully deal with this condition to avoid further irritation of the skin while it is inflamed or affected by the disease. Applying single ingredient emollient with mild properties will help soften the skin; however we need to be cautious that it might aggravate the affected skin – emu oil, jojoba oil or petroleum jelly could be of great help to facilitate skin rejuvenation.  Most people suggest that aquaphor is a good and cheap soothing ointment that can be used to help hasten skin recovery from scaly, itchy spots. Though some of these products may cause an unfavorable effect to several people, they are designed to assist anyone with skin problems, particularly on scaly spots.

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Despite the presence of various treatment creams, ointments, or jelly, experts still stress out on avoiding different skin irritants that would trigger scaly, itchy spots on the skin, most especially on the face. Most of the time, facial cleansers, makeup, and various skin care products contain harmful elements that would irritate the skin causing it to develop these scaly, itchy spots. Some of them would also contribute to the inflammation of the skin, therefore it is important that we are aware of the components of those products that we are using for our skin or else, we will hate the outcomes and consequences of not being able to know what’s good and what’s not for our skin.

Proper skin care plays a very significant role in one’s quest to feeling beautiful and looking good, and it begins in one’s self. In order to avoid skin-related problems, we must learn to take care of our skin properly, maintain proper diet, good nutrition, skin protection, right nourishment, and enough knowledge on how to avoid and manage skin problems. In this case, it won’t be difficult to identify and address a certain skin condition that we may encounter or experience. 


As to the scaly spots on my face that itch, I made sure that it was taken cared of immediately and properly for it is not easy to have an overwhelming blemish on our face and lose our self-esteem. I took it as a challenge that I eventually overcame. So, it would also be a learning experience for those who have encountered the same problem to let them realize the value of healthy skin, the importance of proper skin care, to be informed of what is harmful to the skin, and to learn what to do when problems like scaly spots on the face will arise, and understand the need of the skin, most especially on the face. By learning the do’s and don’ts of proper skin care, anyone’s journey to becoming beautiful and confident will be much easier and enjoyable – it would become a meaningful feat and a fulfilling beauty expedition.