Until our pets evolve to the point of understanding the basics of plumbing, we're all stuck cleaning up after them. The sheer volume of Dog Poop the average pet owner has to deal with is pretty astounding.

Bagging it all up and sending it all off to landfill is wasteful and hugely problematic. Even though the dog waste is compostable, and the bags might be too, being buried in a huge pile of other rotting matter means harmful methane is released into the atmosphere by its anaerobic decomposition.

On a more selfish note, bagging up dog poop really is not one of life's better moments. The fear of the splitting bag is never far away, and that sack of doggie doo really is not something you want to leave in the trash can for long on a summer's day.

This might all sound like the words of an unrealistic person with a dislike for dogs. Far from it, I've got three huge hounds and so I know whereof I speak. Those girls create a lot of mess! But rather than bag it, or ignore it I've found two solutions to the growing problem of guilty or squeamish Dog Owners who don't want to bag up any more of their pets 'doings'.

Option 1. The Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Disposal System

This is a really great idea. And, to be perfectly honest you could steal the inspiration and make your own. But, at around $40 there probably isn't really any point. You may as well keep everything simple and get the Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Disposal System instead.

The Doggie Dooley answer to the problem of what to do with all that dog poop is simple. Install a mini septic system. Basically we're talking about a small galvanised chamber to slot into the ground. It has a peddle action lid which you lift to deposit your dog's offerings. Then a combination of the Doggie Dooley digester and water convert the waste to liquid which leaches into the soil below. Straightforward, safe and natural dog waste disposal - brilliant!

Option 2. The Tumbleweed Pet Poo Converter

This second option for dealing with dog poop is far more beneficial to any gardeners. This is because rather than allowing a nutrient rich waste product to simply leach away, you compost it. The result is a great and safe addition to the garden. I know I said you shouldn't really compost dog poo unless very careful. But, this system uses worms, which make the conversion of dog poo to compost happen unbelievably quickly.

With the worms inside the Pet Poo Converter able to destroy anything nasty in the pet waste it is an extremely safe method of recycling this valuable resource.

So no excuses, you shouldn't need to deal with a burst bag of dog poop ever again! The only decision is whether to allow Worms to do your dirty work with a Pet Poo Composter, or to simply Doggie Dooley it and forget about it.