What to do with Bad Perfume

Or Necessity is the Mother of Invention

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You never know what you'll discover when you're desperate.

One day I awoke to witness a stream of ants parading across my bedroom floor. Ants have never been a problem where I lived and I have to admit the situation caught me off guard because I didn't have any ant or bug spray anywhere in my home. (Not that I would any way because the thought of using something so toxic rather puts me off)

I had already unknowingly stepped through their trail in the partial darkness on my way to the bathroom and when returning to my bed noticing the ants crawling up my leg put me in a bit of a state causing me to frantically think of what to use to combat this evil intrusion.

Thinking my weapon of choice had to be some sort of a spray I thought of my hairspray and how it must include some toxic properties but on my way back to the bathroom to recover my arsenal I passed by a nonassuming bottle of expensive perfume an old boyfriend had once given to me. I'll never forget how he thought I would be impressed by its label and fragrance. I was not! Indeed that would explain our relationship having been in the past.

I could never bring myself to smelling the foul odor from the elegant bottle upon my skin but on the bedroom floor may be tolerable particularly when its purpose served a higher calling. Putting the thought of the perfume's expense out of my mind and being joyful I finally had a use for it I sprayed away using it sparingly not because it was expensive but because I couldn't stand its smell.

Much to my delight in a flash the ants shriveled up and died stopping them dead in their tracks never again for them to return to any place near where they had appeared.

The horror of thinking perfume, especially what's considered good perfume could be so dangerous kept me from believing its defense of my sanctuary wasn't a fluke but when other opportunities to administer such severe deterrents continued to result in victory I figured I had something.

One final test was just this morning in the garden when I discovered a very active red ant hill. These little buggers plagued me from time to time last summer usually when unsuspecting guests with their bare legs and sandals came knocking on my door. Once again when the thought entered my mind of using what was still a large supply of my designer fragrance on such a worthy adversary I couldn't help but wonder if my magical elixir didn't have its limits. Much to my surprise and astonishment, not only did the perfume kill the ants but cleared the entire area of their presence, (although my garden has this strange smell).

I can't tell you for sure if every known perfume has such an effect on pests, (although everyone's had the experience of a perfume clearing a room full of people), because I've only have a few opportunities to prove this treatment's effectiveness since it has worked so well.

I recommend you do your own research. Give it a try. Start with what you have but if it doesn't work you can go out and pay a lot of money for some Calvin Klein. That was what worked and still works for me leading me to assume that an expensive offering may be more effective for whatever the reasons. Perhaps because it's more concentrated or just because it smells bad. If one follows that theory than something made in France might do.

The point is to have fun with this. I can only say you have nothing to loose if you use what you don't like and I sincerely hope that a little perfume would be much safer for the environment than some toxic, foul smelling spray. Good grief I hope I'm right!