Best Diet during pregnancy


During pregnancy most of the ladies are confused what to eat and what to leave. They are also more concerned if their eating habit can affect the baby development. So here is the solution for all your confusions. The below details will help you to find and make a mind that what should be eaten and avoided during pregnancy.

  • Eat all those products which are highly rich in calcium like skimmed milk, butter milk, yogurt, paneer along with all other fresh dairy products. These dairy and milk products are highly rich in proteins and Vitamin B-12 other than calcium.
  • Try to avoid all caffeine based drinks like coffee, tea and soft drinks. High amount of caffeine in body can affect the health of baby. Avoid High sugar items and maida made products.
  • All types of daal, pulses, cereals and whole grains are best for health of mother as well as baby. They contain lots of proteins.
  • Avoid sea foods which are high in mercury like sharks, mackerel. Also avoid frozen sea foods like oysters and sushi along with other smoked sea food.
  • Meat and Poultry is best source of proteins and should be considered in diet.
  • Eat cooked eggs and avoid cheese which has blue vein in it.
  • Drink lots of fluids especially fresh fruit juices and plenty of fresh clean drinking water. Make a habit to carry your own water bottle while moving outdoor.

There is no requirement of eating extra or over eating during pregnancy for the period of first six months. During last three months you have to increase your diet say by 100 to 200 calories per day. This you will feel by yourself when your appetite will increase and you will feel to eat extra.

Maintain yourself to eat when you feel hungry during pregnancy rather eating all at one time.

If you are not able to eat properly during the first few months of pregnancy and facing morning weakness, then vitamin and mineral supplement is best. Consult your doctor for the extra supplement like folic acid, vitamin B and iron supplements.

Never go for dieting during pregnancy. This can harm health of both mother and baby. Try to eat after every four hours during pregnancy even if you are not feeling hungry.

Remember the baby is completely depending on mother’s proper nutrition. If mother is taking healthy diet, child will become healthy.

On occasions, you can have sweets like jalebi, gulab jamun or ice creams, but try to avoid from making it daily habit.