Black Friday is the day (2-3 days actually) when every shop in the nation offers massive discounts to buyers, so they can bet rid of the stocks and prepare for the holiday shopping season. It's the perfect time to hit bullseye if you planned this all along and got a few bucks under the mattress saved during the year. Black Friday is the time when shoppers go nuts and run into each other literally, even killing each other intentionally or not. It's sad that people become animals just because of a good sale deal, but that's not the point of this article.

Sales figuresI'll try and present my predictions this year about what sales levels during this Black Friday, plus I'll try and prevision people's behavior given the financial crisis that hit us in the past 12 months.

So, will people buy more or less this year? Let's take this logically: if the financial crisis affected your family budget there's a chance you will have less money saved that you did last year or even worse, no money at all. In this case there is pretty clear to me that you'll orient towards cheaper products, and thank God, during Black Friday 2010 there will be a lot of offers trying to attract this category of people. So, even if you buy cheaper stuff almost for sure you'll get more stuff. I'm 100 percent sure people won't stop buying cheaper deals just because they have less money in their pockets.

There's also another theory, that people were cautious about what they are spending money upon the whole year, and made a list of things they really need, waiting for the moment when prices are at the best level, and this year that time will be Black Friday 2009. In this cases, we can even see a massive growth in sales during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the following weeks of shopping season. If you think about it this is the most plausible hypothesis.

Also take into consideration that the crisis didn't stroke only on consumer wallets but also on online shops, who are now investing more and more money into marketing campaigns, 'cooking' special offers for this year's Black Friday, offers people can't ignore or refuse. In other words there will be an interesting end of year and nobody can really predict what will happen, but almost everyone has big expectations from the next 2 months.

Update: Now that Black Friday 2009 is over we can draw a conclusion about what happened versus what was expected. The economic climate made people think again before buying things they didn't necessarily need (examples in IT of difficult cu tell gadgets are watch phones and touch tablet PC niches) and focus on the really good deals, deals that really meant huge savings and I'm referring here to LCD TVs, Blu-ray players, netbooks and digital camera bundles.