If you're wondering what to expect when you quit smoking then I hope this article will give you a brief glimpse. The funny thing about smoking cigarettes is that it takes a long time to actually get addicted. When you take your first cigarette it always tastes lousy. When you inhale that hot acrid smoke into your lungs for the first time it makes you want to cough and gag. Your whole body is fighting against what you are doing with all its natural instincts. So why do we continue on and try and push our bodies to accept cigarette smoke. I think it's basically because we are a bit crazy and foolhardy.

I have quit smoking now for over four years so I am in a position to tell you what to expect when you quit smoking. I smoked for over 40 years, first starting when I was only 12 years old. It was the cool thing to do and that persisted until I was hooked. 40 years later, and after several attempts to quit, I finally quit smoking for good. The effects of four years of smoking had taken their toll on my body. I felt that if I did not quit at this stage in my life that I would not be able to undo the damage that smoking had caused.

The first few days after you quit smoking are the worst. The length of time that these bad days will continue for will be different for every individual. For me, it took over a week to detox my body of the nicotine. Only then was able to start living a sane life where I wasn't thinking about cigarettes all day long, only really getting a break when I went to sleep. I had even been dreaming about cigarettes. Detoxing from cigarettes will leave you feeling tired, it will leave you feeling cheated, it would leave you with such a big hole in your life that you think you will never be able to fill it. This is all delusion. It is only your mind reacting to the craving messages that your body is sending it. I overcame this with hypnotism to quit smoking. This is what to expect when you quit smoking for the first few days. The best way to get through this is to take it in individual stages. You will get the urge to smoke, ignore the urge because it will only last a minute or two. You then carry on with what you are doing until the next urge tries to overwhelm you. You ignore the urge again and you again carry on with what you are doing. A quit smoking plan is basically a process of repeating the sequence.

The long-term answers to what to expect when you quit smoking are a bit more complicated. Each individual will experience urges to smoke at the most unusual times. Nobody can predict when you are going to get these urges, or how far apart they will come. I can however guarantee that you will get the urges at some time or another. You deal with them in exactly the same way as you dealt with your earlier urges, you put your mind off the urge to smoke, you get on with what you are doing, the urge will pass and you will probably wait a long time for the next one. But you will be a non-smoker at this stage.