Ruth's Chris is a chain of upscale steakhouses that is known for decadent steaks cooked in butter.   If you are a vegetarian (or something approximating one), receiving an invitation to a dinner at Ruth's Chris can be bittersweet.  While being invited might be nice, the idea of spending an evening (and a lot of money) at a steakhouse can be a bit off-putting.  Fear not--there are delicious options even for the finicky of non-red meat eaters among us.

Ruth's Chris is not at the culinary cutting edge.  No liquid nitrogen margaritas served tableside here.  But they know quality rich steakhouse fare and they do it well consistently.  When you go to Ruth's Chris you know you are getting a treat even if you steer clear of the red stuff.  You can eat your own healthy vegetarian creations the rest of the week, but when you are out at Ruth's Chris you might as well make a night of it.  

I recommend that you begin your dining journey with a salad.  There will be plenty of richness to come in this meal so it is nice to ease in with some greens.  The key here is you can not be shy about asking for it the way you want it.  I particularly enjoy the Harvest Salad without the bacon (if you are dining with someone who does enjoy bacon they will gladly serve it on the side for your pig-eating companion).  The classic Caesar is also nice but to avoid a flood of fat this early into the meal, I would request dressing on the side so that you can control the intake.  If you don't eat eggs or cheese, a Caesar is obviously not for you and you will want to request your Harvest Salad without cheese.

For your main course, the most critical advice I can offer is to NOT order the vegetarian plate or the "Personalized Potato and Vegetable Selection" as they call it.  However, if you absolutely do not eat seafood or poultry, this is probably your only option and you're in for a pretty fattening and protein-less meal.  I have found that vegetarian plates at steakhouses are typically (1) not that delicious, (2) completely lacking in protein and (3) the most caloric and fattening preparation of vegetables imaginable.  The offerings here do not break the rule.  You could be a spoil sport and ask for some steamed vegetables without butter, but you will inevitably feel that you overpaid for such a joyless meal.  So, if you don't eat any seafood or poultry, your best option is probably to eat some protein beforehand, enjoy a salad, have some of the side dishes your table decides on, and skip to dessert.  

If you do eat seafood, you're in luck.  You could go for the seafood selection of the day but  to spice things up, I recommend ordering the Mushrooms Stuffed with Crabmeat appetizer and the Seared Ahi Tuna appetizer as your entrée.  The Seared Ahi Tuna is fresh, tender and delicious with a spicy mustard sauce that somehow does not overwhelm the fish.  The Mushrooms Stuffed with Crabmeat are mind-blowing.  They are buttery and herby with a touch of sharpness from a sprinkling of Romano cheese and laden with umami.  The richness of the mushrooms and the freshness of the ahi play off each other nicely to make a very satisfying meal.  You will not feel at all left out as your companions down their sides of beef.  

For dessert, go for whatever strikes your fancy or refrain if you're at your limit.  Keep in mind that the servings are huge (the cheesecake is actually a whole mini cheesecake) so one dessert for the table probably does the job.