Children forgotten by society and abandoned or abused by their parents reside in orphanages and call them home. These facilities may be located in the United States or overseas. Generally these children are housed together under one roof and require assistance. Forms of assistance include cash donations, toys, school supplies , clothing and entertainment. Assisting these children with donations is a great way to give back.

Money and Time

Cash donations are needed whether the orphanage is overseas or in the United States. Cash donations allow orphanages to purchase supplies to build homes or schools and repair existing structures. Rural or overseas orphanages may require,seeds to plant food, cows and goats for milk and to make cheese, or chickens for eggs. Volunteers are needed here, in the states, and overseas to draw plans, construct homes, install plumbing or electricity, teach children and assist in child placement.


Orphanages require supplies such as toiletries, medicines, home goods and bedding. Toiletries include toothbrushes and toothpaste; hair supplies such as combs, brushes, clips, barrettes and ties; hair cutting scissors and clippers; and lotions, soaps and gels. Medicine needs include over-the-counter vitamins as well as cold and flu, stomachache, and pain medicine for children. Bedding needs include blankets, sheets, pillowcases, pillows, bath towels and washcloths.


Clothing is always an appropriate donation for an orphanage, especially since children outgrow items so quickly. You should try to determine the ages and sizes of the children in your orphanage of choice. Send clean, unstained coats, sweaters, shirts, pants, shorts, dresses and pajamas. For footwear, send shoes, sneakers, boots and sandals. Also include undergarments and socks.

Activity Items

Since children need to explore and play, include activity items in your donation, preferably ones that can be shared or used by a group. Pick basketballs, footballs, soccer balls or baseballs, with a couple gloves, bats and bases. Pick board games like Monopoly, Candyland, Scrabble, Charades or Parcheesi. Include checkers, chess, backgammon and playing cards. You can also include dolls, stuffed animals, trucks and cars. Movie DVDs are highly appreciated at orphanages with the technology to watch them.

School Supplies

Donate your spare computer; load it up with word processing programs, learning programs and games. Give notebooks, pencils, pens, art supplies, microscopes and age-appropriate books. Send schoolbooks, too